Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year)
Okay but what if this was secretly a Fizzy Lifting Drink
Mon Jan 23, 2017 13:16

Of all the classes she’d taken so far at Rocky Mountain International, Remington Burnham felt an affinity for Potions. The Professor wasn’t predictable, being the head of Aquila, and the material wasn’t necessarily predictable, but she felt like she was able to get a grasp of it all faster than with spellwork.

Remington was curious about which students felt like she did, and which ones actually found spellwork to be their natural skill. She wondered if it had something to do with how they were raised. If they hadn’t done much Actual Magic before school, like Remington, maybe they’d find spellwork to be easier. She’d be willing to bet that upbringing had something to do with it. Not that pureblood, halfblood, whatever nonsense, but just pure exposure, as well as similar exposure across all cultures. There were, of course, Muggleborns who found themselves to be naturals with a wand, so it couldn’t be just who someone’s parents were.

These were things that Remington usually thought about while waiting for Rob to arrive to class, but, in a surprising twist, their Potions professor made it to class before the students that day.

Remington was almost always early to class, so it definitely surprised her to see Rob and his service dog there when she walked inside the practical lab. She smiled back when she saw him, and she went to one of the lab benches up front, resisting the urge to pet his dog. The service dog was working, so it would be wrong to pet the adorable animal. No matter how cute.

Oh look, the instructions are on the board, what a nice distraction.

Remington spent the time left until the start of class copying the notes into her notebook designated for potions. The front of the notebook was orange, with a picture of a cat inside a cauldron. The picture also moved, so the cat was popping its head in and out of the cauldron, sometimes draping its cute little paws over the edges. The writing under the picture read, “if it fits, I sits.” The notebook had been a gift from her mom.

The bow keeping her curly brown hair out of her face, however, was made by her dad. It was a bundle of black ribbon with silver glitter all over, and on top was a mini-cauldron. Her mom had enchanted the cauldron part of the bow to emit a little bit of steam whenever she wore it. Her Muggle dad designed all of her bows, and he was very excited when he could finally have her mom add magic touches to them, since she wasn’t going to a school with Muggles anymore. She’d received this one in the mail earlier that week after telling them in a letter that she liked Potions a lot.

Her parents were such nerds.

She doodled in the margins of her notes when Rob first started speaking. She looked up so she could properly pay attention to the professor, but was distracted by a tickling constricting in her throat. At first she thought she had breathed wrong, and then she let out a hiccup. While her professor was talking about hiccups. Okay, that’s embarrassing. A small blush crept across her dark skin, and she covered her mouth with her hand apologetically. She tried holding her breath, but that didn’t stop the next hiccup from escaping. Or the one after that. Or the one after that.

Before they knew it, everyone in the class had the hiccups, and Rob looked really pleased. Remington furrowed her brow and her brown eyes nearly glared at the professor. No wonder he was head of Aquila. No. Wonder.

She hiccupped again, quite loudly, and looked around for a partner. She tugged nervously at the sleeve of her robe. A lot of her fellow students ignored the dress code, but Remington hadn’t managed to get herself to do that yet. She didn’t like the look of the grey robe against her dark complexion, but she tried to offset that with what she wore underneath. Today, to match her bow, she had a black top that sparkled with silver glitter – it looked a little like the stars in a very dark sky – and a pair of red jeans. Her sneakers were pretty plain.

Remington wasn’t shy, but even though it was November, she didn’t feel very good at being a Person around Other People yet. She was still getting used to the idea of being at a school for more than one year, which meant making actual friends. She couldn’t tell if Dade, the only person her age she’d really connected with so far, was busy or partnered, and she wasn’t going to monopolize his time.

Before she found someone to move over and work with, someone tugged on Remington’s robe to get her attention. She turned to face the person with a very, very loud hiccup, and she smiled apologetically. “Hey, are you partner – hic! – less too?”

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      • Why leave? This isn't too bad! - Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra], Tue Jan 24 18:44
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        • I grudgingly concur - Claudia, Wed Jan 25 15:06
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    • Okay but what if this was secretly a Fizzy Lifting Drink - Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year), Mon Jan 23 13:16
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