Oh no
Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:16

Hunter reacted well to being told he would not be working with her after all. Pleased with their situation for the time being, Claudia silently set about meticulously preparing her ingredients. She wasn't squeamish about anything that she had yet encountered in her thirteen years of living, and so Hunter’s comment about leeches merely elicited a raised blonde eyebrow. It stood to reason that he didn't know the ingredients of ice cream (Claudia herself had never given the matter much thought) but the instructions had been written on the board since they had arrived at the start of class. That Hunter was only noticing them now suggested to Claudia he was not one of the most scholarly students amongst the beginner years.

To his credit, however, Hunter didn't appear concerned by the presence of leeches. Claudia had noticed that some students in the younger years (she couldn't be sure about the older students, as she had not yet experienced potions classes with them, but she suspected they were more rational) seemed unnecessarily upset by some of the more usual ingredients. Yes, Claudia had anxieties about some particular social situations, but a girl who had been raised knowing the origins of caviar of fois gras could hardly bat an eyelid at leeches in ice cream.

As she was more accurately dicing and more delicately slicing her ingredients than her younger counterpart, it was no surprise to Claudia that Hunter finished his preparation first and proceeded to chatter to himself while he put his concoction into the correct bags. When she was about to make a comment about safety in the potions laboratory (maybe Hunter wasn't clumsy, just lacking in common sense), Claudia was cut-off by the unannounced arrival of the Professor’s wife and their screaming child. Claudia frowned. She had no objection to small children generally, although screaming ones were less acceptable, but her potions class was not strictly the ideal environment for a distressed infant. “Don't throw things in the lab,” she half-heartedly chastised Hunter. “And don't bring crying babies in, either,” she added, although this last grumble was more to herself.

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    Once Claudia pointed it out, Hunter noticed that indeed there were two sets of bags and ingredients in front of them, so they could each make whatever they like on their own. Which was cool, because... more
    • Oh no - Claudia, Mon Aug 21 10:16
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