Depends on the one.
Tue Aug 22, 2017 17:08

Mave hadn’t consciously pulled his wand on Holland, but he’d been using his wand when he had been startled, and his immediate instinct when surprised was to defend himself, so he supposed it wasn’t really that extraordinary that he now held it in the direction of his company. Processing that it was in fact just Holland, he tucked it away, sticking the handle behind his ear, where it was mostly lost behind puffy pink and mint hair. Maverick hadn’t worn his hair down at RMI before, afraid of the femininity of it, but today he just couldn’t get it worked out. Plus, he was expecting to be alone.

Indeed, this was perhaps his most feminine he had presented thus far. He was still wearing a binder beneath the somewhat tight navy t-shirt, but the white overalls were women’s and hugged his hips in a way that reminded him that they were there.

He tucked a stray pink wave behind his other ear before crossing his arms defensively, pulling tight to himself. He felt dumb. “Just me,” he echoed back. Maverick didn’t know who Hunter was, but it was probably good to check in on any sound that could be him if the possibility of exploding a cauldron was a real danger with him.

Holland asked about the block, which was both nice and weird because nobody had ever asked about one of his sculptures before. At his last school, he would usually sculpt instead of eat lunch. He had special permission from a teacher to use her classroom, and anyway, it was better than being in the cafeteria. “It’s, uh…” he fumbled. “I have an idea for it, but like….” Maverick scanned his mind for a way to explain the concept without either sounding pretentious or feeling stupid, but he found none and so abandoned the quest. He sighed. “It’s dumb. I was thinking about submitting it for the gallery for the talent show, but it probably won’t turn out right.”

  • Room for one more? - Holland Keene, Mon Aug 21 22:03
    Unfortunately, the sixth-years-and-Emmett friend group had been nothing but drama lately. First there was Marissa having sex with Ruben. Holland was over Ruben (and they had not slept with him) but... more
    • Depends on the one. - Maverick, Tue Aug 22 17:08
      • Do I pass muster? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 17:36
        Holland liked Maverick, but he was a loner, which they weren’t really used to in a friend. Since second year, their five-person group had been spending just about every spare moment together, so... more
        • I suppose so. - Maverick, Wed Aug 23 18:25
          Mave glanced between the block and Holland. He sighed. Holland was so damn positive and, seemingly, so genuinely interested. “It’s like.. Okay, so the idea is that it’s a chest. But like, half is... more
          • Real chatty, aren’t you? - Holland, Thu Aug 24 16:15
            “No, I like it,” Holland protested. “If the idea is important to you, then you should make it. Why do you think it’s dumb now?” They weren’t, like, a scholar of art, but it sounded like the kind of... more
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