Lilly-anna Shu
Perhaps, but looks like we are making it anyway
Wed Aug 23, 2017 01:06

Lilly-Anna was excited for potions class. She enjoyed mixing this and that and having something awesome happen. It wasn't like transfigurations, which she was awful at. She couldn't wait till she was more skilled, as she knew that there were so many fun things she could make like hair changing potions. Last year she did well in defense against the dark arts as well, probably because she enjoyed that class.

Today she found the class seemed lacking in potion making supplies. When the potions master spoke, it became clear. Ice cream? How... Intriguing. She was excited at this new puzzle to work out. Mystery results from her different ingredients? This was quite the adventure. The young Aquillan grinned from ear to ear.

This would be so fun. Her first year of school was spent exploring all the tunnels and paths the school had to offer, and she was going bored and restless. This was her second year learning magic. She was ready for a new puzzle to solve.

Gathering her kit and starting to sort out what she needed, Lilly-Anna looked around. No one said to partner up, though classes tended to be worked in pairs. There was a boy a few seats over that appeared not joined. Scooting over her stuff, she measured it everything she needed first. She had to be organized first.

"Powdered Mandrake root, maybe? Or should I go muggle, with the mint? Mmm..." She missed out loud, just loud enough for the boy to hear. "What are the others adding?" She looked around in a not so slick manner. She then began combining ingredients. "Oh hey." She added in what she hoped was an off handed manner. It was not. "How's yours?" She pointed to his ice cream

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    • Perhaps, but looks like we are making it anyway - Lilly-anna Shu, Wed Aug 23 01:06
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