Do I pass muster?
Wed Aug 23, 2017 17:36

Holland liked Maverick, but he was a loner, which they weren’t really used to in a friend. Since second year, their five-person group had been spending just about every spare moment together, so having friends like Kaye and Maverick who were less social was… an adjustment. Holland made sure to sit with Maverick if they saw him alone in the Diner, but otherwise they didn’t really hang out with him.

Maybe that would change because Holland’s social circle was starting to become a complicated Venn diagram of people who couldn’t hang out with each other. Only Kaye was cool with Ruben right now (and Holland was not on the list of people who were cool with Ruben at present), Danny and Marissa were still awkward, Rose and Emmett were whatever, Rose didn’t like Myffi (which was super inconvenient since they were sharing a baby), Marissa wanted to hang out with Russell but literally no one else did… the list went on. It was trying.

They noticed that today Maverick had his hair down, which was new. As evidenced by their coral hair (the shade matched some of the accents in their maroon floral shorts), Holland was an appreciator of unnatural hair colors, and they really liked Mave’s cool ombre. They were a fan of his aesthetic in general; it was very punk and also queer-fashionable, like if Holland’s style (which currently included a grey sweater with a white lace collar, grey flats, and sheer tights polka-dotted with silver spots under their shorts) fused with Ruben and/or Kaye’s. Holland was about to compliment his hair, but Maverick started answering their question before they had the chance.

Or non-answering. Maverick seemed pretty self-assured most of the time, so it was a slight surprise to hear him being pessimistic about something he was doing. “Well,” Holland said, rolling their shoulders in a shrug, “I mean, you barely started.” They didn’t know anything about carving marble, but they were pretty sure Maverick wasn’t committed to one idea with what he’d done so far. “So I guess now you can either do something else or make sure it turns out right. What’s the idea?”

  • Depends on the one. - Maverick, Tue Aug 22 17:08
    Mave hadn’t consciously pulled his wand on Holland, but he’d been using his wand when he had been startled, and his immediate instinct when surprised was to defend himself, so he supposed it wasn’t... more
    • Do I pass muster? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 17:36
      • I suppose so. - Maverick, Wed Aug 23 18:25
        Mave glanced between the block and Holland. He sighed. Holland was so damn positive and, seemingly, so genuinely interested. “It’s like.. Okay, so the idea is that it’s a chest. But like, half is... more
        • Real chatty, aren’t you? - Holland, Thu Aug 24 16:15
          “No, I like it,” Holland protested. “If the idea is important to you, then you should make it. Why do you think it’s dumb now?” They weren’t, like, a scholar of art, but it sounded like the kind of... more
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