I suppose so.
Wed Aug 23, 2017 18:25

Mave glanced between the block and Holland. He sighed. Holland was so damn positive and, seemingly, so genuinely interested. “It’s like.. Okay, so the idea is that it’s a chest. But like, half is masculine, and half is feminine, and there’s this….” He trailed off. Yup, definitely sounding dumb. Although if there was anybody who might get it, that person was probably Holland. They bounced between feminine and masculine outfits and styles all the time, but then again, they had more range being they/them, he felt. Those pronouns had never felt right to him - it was always he/him, even if he didn’t always feel particularly masculine - but sometimes he wished they did. At least then there’d be more wiggle room, whereas now he felt like if he dressed too feminine, people would stop using masculine pronouns.

“Anyway, it’s dumb,” he concluded, arms uncrossing to fuss with his hair nervously. Then his hands took turns examining his wrists, checking for elastic. None. “You wouldn’t happen to have a hair tie, would you?” he asked weakly. Holland’s short hair didn’t necessitate one, but he did hang out with Rose Farnon and Marissa Kendrick pretty often, from what Maverick could tell, although he wasn’t sure any elastic tie could ever contain the latter’s red waves. Likewise, Maverick often bought the extra-strength elastics to contain his puff, but for now, anything would work, hopefully. “I didn’t expect to see anyone,” he added, as if an explanation.

  • Do I pass muster? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 17:36
    Holland liked Maverick, but he was a loner, which they weren’t really used to in a friend. Since second year, their five-person group had been spending just about every spare moment together, so... more
    • I suppose so. - Maverick, Wed Aug 23 18:25
      • Real chatty, aren’t you? - Holland, Thu Aug 24 16:15
        “No, I like it,” Holland protested. “If the idea is important to you, then you should make it. Why do you think it’s dumb now?” They weren’t, like, a scholar of art, but it sounded like the kind of... more
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