Real chatty, aren’t you?
Thu Aug 24, 2017 16:15

“No, I like it,” Holland protested. “If the idea is important to you, then you should make it. Why do you think it’s dumb now?” They weren’t, like, a scholar of art, but it sounded like the kind of art they wanted to exist. More queer things was always better, especially trans-ish stuff. Most of LGBTQIA+ representation across every form of media was cis gay men (usually white cis gay men), and occasionally lesbians got some positive representation. But the rest of the acronym got less attention, especially people on the nonbinary, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, etc. spectrum, because they didn’t fit in easy boxes.

Also because major media institutions, like newspapers and television networks, all had major corporate involvement, and corporations were conservative, because social liberalism protected the interests of individuals over those of companies. So the media was too afraid of offending their precious sponsors to do queer representation right and only Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris were allowed to be gay on television.

Holland was about to ask another question when Maverick cut in with a request. They checked their bag. Despite having short hair, they occasionally carried hair ties, especially if they knew they would be working with Marissa in class. They had charmed some of the hair elastics to be extra strong, although Marissa’s mane had broken through one before. Maverick’s hair was poofy but nowhere near Marissa levels of uncontrollability.

“Sorry, I can’t find one. Oh, wait.” Holland drew their ebony wand and conjured a black hair tie. It would probably last a few hours before the elastic started to break down, like most conjured items. “Here. I think your hair looks good down too, though. You can see the ombre better. Is it a charm or a dye?” They could barely see roots, so Holland assumed it was the former, unless Maverick did really frequent touch-ups.

  • I suppose so. - Maverick, Wed Aug 23 18:25
    Mave glanced between the block and Holland. He sighed. Holland was so damn positive and, seemingly, so genuinely interested. “It’s like.. Okay, so the idea is that it’s a chest. But like, half is... more
    • Real chatty, aren’t you? - Holland, Thu Aug 24 16:15
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