Momoka Saito
I'm embarrassed for you.
Mon Jan 23, 2017 14:34

Out of all her classes, Potions held a special place in Momoka’s heart. Although she tried exceptionally hard to be the best in every subject she could get her hands on, Potions was the one area where she excelled the easiest. If Momoka wasn’t busy preening, she was busy studying -- waking up ridiculously early to begin practicing for her classes. She wouldn’t ever stay late studying, however -- lack of sleep lead to dark circles and premature aging, and Momoka definitely wanted to stay as fresh-faced as possible, even if it meant beginning while she was still extremely young.

She was going to be a teenager soon -- and after that, her life was practically over. It was all downhill from there, when the other students around her realized that they had to work hard and study, and actually become competition. That was definitely not going to happen on Momoka’s watch. She hadn’t spent so much time already preparing and studying and reviewing and practicing for some nobodies to finally realize that they had to be good as well. Momoka was not going to be shown up, and that started early. If it meant not having many friends -- or any, really -- to speak of, fine. Momoka had much more valuable goals than waste time with frivolous pursuits.

She was particularly tickled pink to be going to Potions today. As she walked the dingy, Gothic-style halls with a slight air of distaste, she glanced at any reflective surface. Momoka mentally reviewed her appearance -- dark, shiny hair laid neat, with a pale silk ribbon tied as a headband behind her blunt bangs. As much as Momoka loved having her hair simply down and loose, she had enough sense to tie it just barely back for Potions -- she wasn’t going to risk having a strand of her hair ruin the potion, nor another bumbling idiot singe any part of her lovely hair.

Momoka strode into the practical lab, catching her own shining eyes in the silver mirrors. She stopped gracefully and greeted Professor Hier sweetly, her soft mouth upturning in a demure smile. She mentally noted his cheap clothing. Ugh. If a professor was going to break dress code, they might as well look good while doing it. Momoka cursed boys and their lack of any taste -- a t-shirt and jeans seemed to be the closest American men could come to ‘fashion’, and formal wear was limited to rental, plain black work suits.

On the other hand, Momoka was, in her totally correct opinion, obviously the most fashionable person in the room. She was wearing an airy, chiffon pink blouse with pearl buttons, and a thick, pink wool A-line skirt underneath her perfectly pressed grey robes, neat blue Cetus dream catcher embroidered on her right side. Momoka tried extremely hard to have all her clothing in coordinated ensembles, something her mother trained her to do before she had to -- ugh -- move here with her father.

It didn’t matter, in any case -- she just had to play nice with this professor, but she would be lying if she said she didn’t admire him and hate him at the same time. Professor Hier could be using his talents somewhere other than a stupid school, but here he was, wasting his time. She almost felt bad for him. Almost.

Momoka sat in her seat, crossing her ankles neatly, and began taking notes in her creamy eggshell-colored leather notebook. Back solving for a Hiccuping Solution? To her horror, that actually seemed difficult to perform. Momoka was not a particularly gifted witch in creative aspects, and instead preferred to hone and perfect what already existed. She huffed quietly.


Momoka quickly covered her mouth. A faint, burning blush rose high on her freckled cheeks. She wrinkled her now-red nose in distaste, and resolved herself to not hiccup anymore.


Her blush grew stronger, until she realized it wasn’t coming from her. In fact, a chorus of hiccups rang through the lab, and Professor Hier’s mischief became evident. Fine. Whatever. She could deal with this all by herself, thank you very much. Or, as Professor Hier explained, not. Momoka nearly hissed. Working with a hiccuping fool? That was the absolute last thing she needed today. Fine. Whatever. She would have to deal with it, she resigned herself.

She dug through her bag, and removed her potions book. She began quickly looking through the index, attempting to fully ignore her partner, who seemed to be doing the exact same. She heard him mutter something about an antidote. Momoka frowned. Well that was utterly and completely wrong.

“It’s actually a reversal potion, not an antidote. Were you even paying attention?” Momoka said, snapping her insult reflexively.

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