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Teal was delighted that Marley was so interested in her gossip. It was always fun when someone thought you were interesting, especially when that someone was also fun. She’d worried a bit that all her professors would recognize her because of her parents. Teal didn't want to be a teacher’s pet. Her parents being former RMI professors was the best. She got all the details about their teachers without looking like a total dork. Teal basked in the glow from her sweet, sweet gossip.

“But he’s so… goofy, and weird, and even rude sometimes!” Teal had to giggle at that as well (it was like she’d had alihotsy already! Maybe it had fumes?) because goofy, weird, and rude were all words that could describe Dad, and he definitely was married. He and Mom were even gross with each other around Teal and Violet. One time Teal even saw Dad grab Mom’s butt while they were all getting groceries! They’d tried to play it off like a mistake when Teal saw them and shrieked, but Teal knew. She knew all right.

Marley rattled off an impressive list of their teachers, and Teal nodded enthusiastically about Professor Blair. And Raja’s parents both used to work at RMI, she remembered, which is how Mom and Dad knew them, although she wasn’t sure if Raja wanted everyone to know that, especially since his parents were his adoptive parents. Teal smiled reflexively when she thought about Raja. It wasn’t that far into term, but she was already hoping there would be another dance. Or maybe something right at Midterm? Or maybe a Halloween party. She was pretty sure some of the upper year students threw party parties that the lower years weren’t invited to, and the blind date dance had been a lot more fun than the Official School Halloween Party. Teal thought that she should make a different costume this year. The iguana was fun, but she also wanted to look cute.

And speaking of cute, Marley all of a sudden gave a little gasp and grabbed Teal’s arm. Was the other girl blushing?? Teal couldn’t really tell, but the thought made her blush as well. “Wait, d’you think the people we date here are people we’ll maybe get married to? I mean, I don’t know if I wanna get married at all. And I’m not… really dating But, maybe I wanna be… Are you?”

Several things happened all at once. Was Marley asking Teal if she wanted to date her? While holding her hand? And blushing? Marley glanced away (shyly???) and Teal’s freckly face was bright pink by now. Then Teal realized that Marley was looking at someone else, and her stomach did a weird flipflop as she realized Marley probably meant she wanted to date that other person -- Connor Farnon. Teal didn’t know Connor that well, but his brother was Dade, who was a Big Jerk, and Marley was so nice! Why did she like Connor? He wasn’t nice like Raja, who was very sweet --

“Yes,” Teal blurted out, in response to wanting to get married eventually. Then she corrected herself frantically. “I mean, no, I’m not dating anyone, but, like, yes, I guess it would be nice to be dating someone…” She tried not to look at Marley’s hand on her arm or at Raja. Did anyone else know they almost kissed?

“But I hope we don’t have to marry the first person we date,” Teal continued in a somewhat squeaky voice. “I mean what if you make a bad choice? Then you’d only ever get to be with one person, when you could be with someone nicer. That’s the whole point of dating, you get to change your mind…. Right?” That’s what Mom and Dad always said, and they were totally in love, so they must be right. Teal looked at Marley, making a sort of confused, pleading expression. Was Connor nice enough for Marley? How could she ask that without being mean to her friend?

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    “Rainbow hair?” Marley echoed thoughtfully. “I guess if you just wanted colourful hair, that’d still be easier than having to learn how to do hair charms or potions or whatever. And also tastier,... more
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