But yelling is so much more fun
Sun Aug 27, 2017 01:15

Clayton nodded as she asked for the billywig stigs, surprised that she’d chosen such an odd ingredient. He moved to get out of his chair, but her introduction stopped him, made aware he’d failed to state his name. “Oh, hi. Sorry. I’m Clayton.” The words fell out of his mouth, fragmented and rushed, as he tried and failed to hide his embarrassment, cheeks turning the lightest shade of pink.

When silence fell over them--hard to imagine considering a woman had just rushed into the room with a screaming baby--he found himself at a loss for what to say next. So, instead of trying to make more conversation he mumbled a quick, “Well, I should go get those things,” before standing up and walking to the front of the class to grab Darlene’s requested ingredient.

The brown-eyed boy was already half-turned back to his seat before he stopped and reached back, having forgotten to grab peppermint for himself. His face flushed again, as he hoped that Darlene hadn’t seen this uncomfortable mistake, and kept his eyes glued to the floor as he made the trek back to his desk.

Clayton had never really talked to a girl before, and talking to one that didn’t automatically laugh in his face made him uneasy. Before he came to RMI, his other classmates used to tease him relentlessly. He was shorter than the other boys in class, and basically skin and bones. Even though he played the same sports as them, on the same teams as them, Clayton didn’t look like them, and so they made fun of him. It didn’t help that he preferred spending time outdoors alone than with other people. This too had often led the others to pick on him as he’d gone off on his own at recess to climb trees or just lay and look at the sky. The eleven year-old didn’t really mind it so much, but whenever he’d mentioned it in passing to his older brother, Waylon always seemed upset that Clayton wasn’t making friends.

Now, he was on his own, without an older brother to watch out for him or talk to when he was upset. Waylon had given him a pep talk before he’d Portkeyed here on his first night, reassuring him that he would be okay and that the kids at Rocky Mountain would be nice and that he’d make lots of friends. Those words rang through his head as Clayton took his seat next to Darlene again, and he told himself that he would be fine. “Maybe,” he thought to himself, “she’ll wind up being my first official friend at RMI.” Although, he didn’t think she was in his House, as he couldn’t recall seeing her around the common room. Nonetheless, Clayton reached over and set the billywig stigs on her desk with a smile and new-found confidence. “Billywig stigs, as requested! Now that we have our ‘special ingredients,’ time for dessert!”

  • Please use your indoor voice to receive ice cream - Darlene Knight, Sat Aug 19 11:49
    Professor Hier - Rob? - was a strange man. First and foremost, he just wanted them to call him Rob, which was weird because he was an adult in an authority position and they were just children. It... more
    • But yelling is so much more fun - Clayton, Sun Aug 27 01:15
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