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Sun Aug 27, 2017 20:59

The girl next to him kept muttering to himself and Dade was pointedly ignoring her as he meticulously sliced his Flitterbloom root. Her name was Lily-Anna, she was in Aquila like he should have been, and she was incredibly annoying. Probably not the most annoying person in their year, but really annoying and he wished she would go away, preferably forever. Dade thought it was really rude to talk to yourself during a lesson in which there was pretty clearly someone trying to work right next to you, especially if you had gone out of your way to move closer to them entirely uninvited. It was distracting and annoying and it made him want to throw something at her. Unfortunately, all he had were his potions ingredients and his silver knife, and throwing knives at people sounded like the kind of thing you got suspended for. So far his disciplinary record was clear, and Dade was all for keeping it that way.

He kept ignoring Lily-Anna. He pulled out some Flabberghasted Leeches and began dicing them, having pushed his Flitterbloom root, thinly sliced, to the side. He preferred to have all of his ingredients ready before he started to make a potion, because that way it was guaranteed to not mess up the timing because he was too slow to do something. Of course, this wasn’t a potion exactly and there didn’t seem to be timing to mess up, but Dade liked his habits and saw no reason to break this one.

And then she said something to him.

Dade looked up at his classmate. His dark eyebrows came together and he scowled at her. She was pointing at him. Why was she talking. Why was she pointing. Why couldn’t she just mind her own business several seats away from him like they had started. This was stupid.

“Go away,” the Cetus said. “I’m trying to work.” He returned to dicing his leeches, pointedly ignoring Lily-Anna again.

  • Perhaps, but looks like we are making it anyway - Lilly-anna Shu, Wed Aug 23 01:06
    Lilly-Anna was excited for potions class. She enjoyed mixing this and that and having something awesome happen. It wasn't like transfigurations, which she was awful at. She couldn't wait till she was ... more
    • There is no 'we' here - Dade, Sun Aug 27 20:59
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