And now, begin!
Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:38

Satveer waited, poised for Sara’s response. "I don’t have any, though. Do you?” The words had but left Sara’s lips when Satveer delved his hand in his bag rummaging for the ingredient. As his hand emerged from his cluttered and over prepared bag, a spark of excitement shot through him. He placed a glass vial in the centre of the bench, directly between the first and second year Lyras.

This was exciting! Even if it was cooking with relatively safe ingredients and potions, Satveer couldn’t detract from his previous hang-ups. He never was a seam of the pants, danger seeker kind of guy. Perhaps it was the relative calm in which Sara agreed to his ingredients, or that the company of a more educated mind assisting in the unknown that made it so. Whichever it was, it was exciting (and a little less dangerous)!

Satveer smiled as he prepped his workspace. In his heart, Satveer would have loved to be a minimalist. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Sadly, and much to his own personal annoyance, he never quite managed it. The closest he got to minimalist perfection was knolling. Before starting any practical element of the project (cooking, drawing, Lego etc.), Satveer would arrange the items he required, in relation to their stage of requirement, in parallel or square lines. It often gave the appearance he knew what he was doing and that he was a little OCD. Neither were the case.

Retrieve his favourite 0.3 fine mechanical pencil from his bag, Satveer squared up his jars, vials and notebook to the left of the bench. He placed his pencil to the right of his note book and bookmarked the pitaya ingredient page within his text book. “I wish I had my camera. My mother wouldn’t believe I was making ice cream. I don’t cook at home” He said, smiling to himself. Satveer looked toward a pottering Sara. Of the students he’d met so far, Sara seemed a little different. Satveer couldn’t really place her accent or her appearance. “Where are you from?” he posed inquisitively “if you don’t mind me asking.”

  • This is the good stuff! - Sara, Fri Aug 25 13:07
    Sara pondered for a few minutes the suggestion the younger boy had offered. It sounded logical and doable, and yet she had the need to consult her textbook in case something catastrophic happened –... more
    • And now, begin! - Satveer, Wed Aug 30 11:38
      • Yes! - Sara, Sun Sep 3 17:02
        Sara had been watching Sam rummaged around his stuff for the ingredient they needed to work on his potion. The mexican girl was glad he had some of it and he proudly placed it on the desk. The... more
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