Sun Sep 3, 2017 17:02

Sara had been watching Sam rummaged around his stuff for the ingredient they needed to work on his potion. The mexican girl was glad he had some of it and he proudly placed it on the desk. The second-year looked at the vial with a grin adorning her face. She was having a very nice time working with the lowe year, and Sara would definitely seek him out in later classes. It was rare for the Lyra to find someone she felt comfortable working with. Sam was pretty cool.

The Lyra opened her notebook and began scribbling away in a blue-ball point pen, since she wasn't a fan of quills and ink, and was excited to see Sam use a pencil! She didn't really understood how wizard-kind hadn't invented something more useful for writing. The girl was scribbling small notes into the paper when Sam addressed her with a question, and she didn't mind! Not at all!

Sara smiled, “My dad is from Mexico,” she replied proudly of her ancestry. “He is from a magical community near Mexico City.” She wasn't sure if Sam knew what she was talking about, but Sara like talking about where she came from. “But my mom is from Illinois,” Sara added. “My dad is a Magizoologist and travels a lot, so I grew up in different parts of the world, until he started teaching in the Magical University of Missouri about a year ago,” she finished for the time being. She was more than happy to continue talking about her family, but people, sometimes, weren't that interested in it.

  • And now, begin! - Satveer, Wed Aug 30 11:38
    Satveer waited, poised for Sara’s response. "I don’t have any, though. Do you?” The words had but left Sara’s lips when Satveer delved his hand in his bag rummaging for the ingredient. As his hand... more
    • Yes! - Sara, Sun Sep 3 17:02
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