Russell Drew [4th year, Cetus]
I hope this isn't a dance class
Mon Jan 23, 2017 14:37

In all honesty, Russell probably shouldn’t be taking Potions. He was confident in his ability to make the most of his limited vision, but confidence didn't always guarantee accuracy. Just yesterday he had smeared his toast with light-orange-grey marmalade only to bite into it and realize that the bowl he’d scooped the marmalade from had actually been full of cottage cheese. That hadn’t been too severe a mistake. But going to a magical school, as he had discovered over past weeks, was full of opportunities for far more severe mistakes.

Potions was the riskiest one of the lot. Back home, his lessons on potion-making either followed the theme of ‘constantly-hovering tutor whispering over his shoulder the different colours of rising steam and bubbles’, or ‘constantly-hovering tutor helping him make what seemed like hundreds of tiny signs to label and categorize every ingredient’. He’d learned some good strategies that way for avoiding major catastrophes; he still carted around a potions kit larger than average, filled with small labelled samples to help him get his bearings in addition to the more standard-sized containers of ingredients. However, the constant hovering had been hella irritating.

This made Potions at RMI much nicer. Rob was a cool teacher. True, he made fun of Russell a bit when he inevitably (regularly) caused small explosions in class, but he didn’t think it was in a mean way, and as long as someone was there to extinguish him when his sleeves caught on fire, he didn’t care about being poked fun at. Plus, Rob let them use his first name, which was a great break from the formality of most other professors. Russell had never called a teacher anything but their first name before; his private school in Sacramento had a super personal approach, and his tutor was the same. It had been hard reminding himself to say Professor so-and-so when he first got to RMI.

Despite causing ear-wiggling (that had made him laugh when it was introduced), today’s potion seemed kind of intense - it had a lot of steps, anyways, including something called distillation, which was a term that he vaguely recalled from skimming the textbook in advance but didn’t have a clue how to do. Hunching farther over his notebook, Russell pushed his sunglasses back up from where they had slid down his nose and tried to keep up with the explanation. His handwriting got increasingly messy as the minutes ticked past, and it was with a huff of relief that he dropped his ballpoint pen to massage his fingers. Fortunately, the instructions were on the board, so he didn’t have to scramble to write those down yet.

Rob had told them to partner with someone new. That was easy. It felt like he’d worked with a different person in every class so far. The less-confident corner of his brain was convinced that this was because they were all slowly learning to avoid him and his smoke-stained cauldron. The optimistic part, meanwhile, reminded him that he was a transfer student so everyone was new, and further informed him that this partner-shuffling was for a reason. He’d find the right partner for Potions one day. Eventually.

Staring around the room unblinkingly, the Californian spotted a girl with medium-ripe-Granny-Smith-apple-grey curly hair who looked about his age. He recognized her from around school, but he didn’t know her name, and he definitely hadn’t worked with her in Potions before. Absently fiddling with the hem of his denim jacket (he'd learned pretty quickly not to wear his robes to class; the swoopy bits tended to attract fire fast), he approached and tapped her shoulder. “Hey, um, do you wanna work together?” Noticing her feet on the chair, he hastily backtracked, already taking a step away as he gestured at the chair. “Er, sorry, were you saving a seat for someone else? Never mind, I'll just... find another partner.”

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