Marley Chapman
There's little I'm unsure of
Wed Sep 20, 2017 14:01

“Oh don’t worry, it’s totally fine!” Marley chirped from her own spot on the floor. Not that Connor had actually knocked her over, nope - he’d only whacked into her side when he tripped, which she had only stumbled from, but it had been enough force to make her drop the handful of beans that she had curiously scooped off the desk while Professor McKindy was talking. So naturally she had thrown herself down in an attempt to catch them. The attempt had been mostly successful, in that she had only missed two of the beans, and also was successful in that now she was beside Connor and could smile right at him and, gosh, it had been such a long time since she had seen him! For-real seen him, that was. Obviously they were in classes together and she saw him like, all day basically, but they hadn’t been able to work together or even have a meal together in eons.

“You’re not hurt, are you?” she continued, brown eyes looking him over a bit worriedly. “I know the chairs are kinda hard to land on. I used to trip, like, all the time, until I got new sneakers.” Her sneakers were not just new to her but also literally new and it was the second-best thing ever (first-best was this moment right now, duh). They were a bright pastel blue colour and laced up a bit past her ankles, which was a shame since she had some really cute ankle socks, but today she’d gone with tall rainbow socks and that was a decision she was really pleased with now. Anyways, because her sneakers were so colourful, Marley had discovered that it was hard to trip over stuff, since she could see her toes really easily against the floor. She couldn’t trip when she was paying so much attention to her own feet!

Once Marley was reassured that Connor wasn’t broken, she carefully got back up, using only her leg muscles because her hands were in front of her cradling the beans. She did a little shimmy-shake once she was standing to help the pleats of her skirt settle nicely around her legs again, dumped her hand(s)ful of beans back on the table, and then quickly grabbed the stool and set it upright for Connor. “This is gonna be a fun class,” she announced, grinning. “Don’t you think? Ooh, let’s work together! Pleeease?” Involuntarily, she began bouncing on her toes hopefully while she stared at him. “It’s been such a long time since we worked together, but we were always really great partners in class. And such a long time since we talked, too, though I guess that’s kind of my fault since I couldn’t make Bludger stay long enough for you to write a reply. I’m sorry about that. But now we can make it up, yeah?”

  • Are you sure about that? - Connor Farnon, Wed Sep 20 11:20
    As usual, Connor was dressed neatly, in khakis and a polo shirt with his uniform robes open and sporting a backpack full of school supplies. He had eaten a rather bland lunch - a cheese sandwich with ... more
    • There's little I'm unsure of - Marley Chapman, Wed Sep 20 14:01
      • Well I'm very sure about you - Connor, Tue Oct 3 20:27
        Oh no Merlin no why no - Connor mentally let off a couple of words that he’d heard Rose use, usually under her breath and usually directed at their father. Their father had threatened to wash Rose’s... more
        • Me too! Great minds think alike! - Marley, Tue Oct 3 22:33
          Marley felt like her face was smiling even more as Connor answered her. If that was even possible. Which it probably wasn’t, but whatever. The way he answered, quiet and concise and agreeing with... more
          • Great is definitely a word - Connor, Tue Oct 17 13:03
            There was no escape. Connor gingerly sat on the stool next to Marley as though the thing was going to explode. In fact, he wasn’t going to rule exploding out of the question because it was Marley and ... more
            • Great is who we are - Marley, Sat Oct 21 20:01
              Connor proposed starting with the shapes and then moving on to size and colour. Nodding along, her brain caught up a second later and she realized -- “Oh, of course , that totally makes sense!” She’d ... more
              • In great distress, maybe - Connor, Sun Oct 29 14:56
                She was touching him . Every single alarm bell in Connor’s entire body was going off because oh Merlin Marley was touching him she was touching his head why was she touching his head oh Merlin why.... more
                • Oh, no! How can I help? - Marley, Sun Oct 29 19:12
                  And she actually did it , wow. Marley was so impressed with herself. Her hand wasn’t even shaking, although her heart was doing a loud bongo-like thumping, and that was definitely something to be... more
                  • Unsurprisingly, Marley’s answer was not an answer that Connor deemed appropriate explanation for her touching him. More surprisingly, apparently this is what constituted flirting in Marley’s twisted... more
                    • Connor’s confirmation that he hadn’t done much flirting before, either, was not only accompanied by a small smile of his own, but in turn met with a more enthusiastic smile from Marley. Oh, phew !... more
                      • Trust me, my plans do not include you - Connor, Wed Nov 1 11:17
                        As suddenly as Connor thought he had the situation under control, it spun so far out of the realm of his imagination that he didn’t have time to realize it before things got Very Bad. He hadn’t... more
                        • Something's wrong!! (tag: Mister Aaron) - Marley, Wed Nov 1 16:42
                          Connor didn't immediately agree that yes a date would be marvelous, great idea Marley, you're marvelous too , but he also didn't immediately say no never , so she supposed that his silent staring and ... more
                          • Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling - Professor McKindy, Thu Nov 2 18:47
                            Although Aaron had been wandering around the room at the start of class, answering questions, he had since let the students get on with their projects without his constant hovering. If they needed... more
                            • You have no idea - Connor, Thu Nov 2 19:03
                              Connor had barely had the opportunity to take a deep breath when he heard Marley outside the door. Why had she followed him? His eyes were wide as he looked around the bathroom contemplating the best ... more
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