Andrew Tennant
I’m not supposed to play with matches
Sun Sep 24, 2017 16:06

The holidays had been totally awesome. Jessie had brought her fiancée (!) to Christmas. Dad and Madeleine had been super excited and Aaron and Drew had apparently, without discussion, agreed to not point out it was weird that they had never even heard that Jessie was dating anyone. After all, Drew thought later, this was pretty in character for Jessie. At the very least her fiancée didn’t seem fazed by their family structure, which Drew conceded wasn’t normal, so she’d probably fit in just fine with them.

They’d also gone to Bennet’s house for dinner, which was even more weird than Jessie’s news. It wasn’t as fun as Tennant(/Embers/Kendrick/McKindy) Christmas, but Drew had had a good time. He was a little surprised that his Aunt Cara was there (she hadn’t even come to the wedding and she didn’t seem to like Aaron very much) but Drew had had fun playing with her kids, his cousins Gia and Sofia. The girls were shy but they warmed up to Madeleine okay, so the four of them had played Go Fish with the magic set of cards Madeleine had gotten for Christmas from Henry and his wife. The cards wiggled when you said “go fish,” so it was hard to hold onto your hand and even harder to draw a new card. In the Muggle version of the game the challenge was making matches, but this deck made you focus more on stopping your cards from getting away or showing themselves to the other players.

Now school had started again. Drew didn’t mind being in classes (even though homework was the worst) and he liked Spellwork, so he didn’t mind. Not as much as Magizoobotany, but Aaron had been showing Drew and Madeleine spells for years and Drew thought wandwork was pretty cool. Plus Drew knew a little bit about how his stepfather graded homework, so he had a slight advantage.

Once Aaron had finished introducing the lesson, Drew turned to his deskmate, who asked him how they were supposed to start. “I’m pretty sure we can do the spells in any order, but think we should start with apochrosis and mutare.” Aaron had started with engorgio, but Drew figured the embiggening spell should be last. It would probably be easier to change a bean’s color, material, and shape when there was less bean to change.

Or, he supposed, they could just use reducio to make the board smaller. But he would probably still have to change how big the beans were to make the pieces fit, so it just added an extra step. Even though it would be pretty funny to turn in a mini version of the puzzle board. “Maybe one of us could do all the shapes and the other one could do all the color-changing?” It probably wasn’t the point of the lesson, but it would be faster, and that way they wouldn’t have repeat shapes.

  • How can you be sure? - Sara de Alba, Wed Sep 20 18:21
    It was safe to say that Sara de Alba wasn't the brightest witch in her year, but she was used to work hard to maintain a decent average in her classes. She was sure her father, an academic by now,... more
    • I’m not supposed to play with matches - Andrew Tennant, Sun Sep 24 16:06
      • Neither am I - Sara , Wed Sep 27 18:11
        Sara looked at the younger wizard besides her and listened intently to his view of how this assignment should be done. The Lyra nodded a few times in acceptance of what Drew had said. The... more
        • I won’t tell if you won’t - Drew, Wed Oct 4 13:35
          Sara opened a giant notebook filled with what appeared to be Ancient Runes. Drew knew they couldn’t be Ancient Runes because Sara was a second year and you couldn’t take electives until fourth year,... more
          • We are in the same page - Sara, Sun Oct 8 18:30
            The second-year watched as Andrew changed the color of the bean and smiled when he succeeded. The mexican-american grabbed the bean and looked at it intently trying to determine what shape she needed ... more
            • Of the same book? - Drew, Wed Oct 18 12:31
              Sara’s attempt at changing the bean was not quite as good as Drew’s color-changing spell. To her credit, it did turn into a circle. Ish. It just wasn’t a very circle-y circle. Drew glanced at the... more
              • I think so? - Sara, Sat Oct 21 20:57
                The Lyra had not put too much thought into the RMI houses before Drew had brought it up. He began describing each one of them, and Sara was enthralled by it. The second-year began thinking about... more
                • Then we agree - Drew, Mon Oct 30 16:14
                  Okay, and Sara did not want to work on the assignment, because she was all “I’ll do it later,” which was fine except that the class was only so long. Like, she’d eventually have to do it. In the next ... more
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