Magdalena Adler
I don't think this one was made in heaven
Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:33

Alena slouched in her seat. She didn’t want to be here. She was too stupid for school anyway and spellwork was her worst class. Her hands always got shaky before performing the wand movements and then everything would go wrong. Professor McKindy always seemed nice enough but Alena knew he thought she was the dumbest girl he’d ever seen. How could someone be so bad at magic? She must be part squib. Charline was always saying how lazy Alena must be to perform so terribly. It was no use telling her sister that she did practice all the time, and it would go fine then but in class with everyone staring...Alena bit down hard on her lip. She wasn’t ready to make a fool of herself again and wished she’d just stayed in bed. But she hadn’t been able to sleep well since she’d come back, she’d spent the first night with fists pressed to her face trying to squash the tears back into her eyes. What she really wanted was to be at home in her own bed.

Alena’s christmas had been almost too lovely and she blamed it for her current unhappiness. Benjamin had come to visit which was wonderful, Charline had not which was even better. Charline was always picking on Benjamin and then he’d huff and be no fun at all, but it hadn’t been like that this year. Alena had hardly stopped giggling once when he introduced her to his energetic new crup puppy. And he even let her name it! She’d called it Amata, after a character from her favourite fairytale. Alena knew she was too old for fairytales now, so she wouldn’t tell anyone that’s what she’d called the puppy after, she’d just say she liked the name or something, which wasn’t a lie. But now, she couldn’t help thinking she should have called it something else. Everyone would figure out where she got it from and laugh at her for being so childish. She really was stupid. And everyone was just about to get further confirmation of it, she thought staring at the beans with trepidation.

"Are you any good at any of these spells?"

Alena’s heart rate surged at the sudden question and her leg started to jilt nervously. She’d never really spoken to Dade. He always seemed like he wanted to be left alone and Alena did not believe in imposing herself on people. When she’d sat down she’d said hello in the cheeriest voice she could muster but he hadn’t seem at all interested in putting up with her. Before Dade had acknowledged her Alena had been planning on working in awkward silence, she wasn’t sure what to do about the change in circumstances. She tugged at the sleeve of her pink blouse, glancing at him with wide eyes. Feeling her hands shaking already, she admitted, “No. Not really. Sorry.” The apology had slipped out before she knew it and Alena was now worried she’d blown her chance. Dade was going to get up and find a better partner and Alena would be all alone. Panicked she whipped out her wand, to prove to him she was committed to at least trying and offered a sheepish smile, “But uhh, maybe I will be better this time.”

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    • I don't think this one was made in heaven - Magdalena Adler, Tue Sep 26 11:33
      • Honestly, Dade didn’t have very many opinions on Alena. They had never really spent much time together and she usually wasn’t annoying. He hadn’t paid enough attention to her in class to know if she... more
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