The elephant in the room
Wed Sep 27, 2017 15:01

It hadn’t even occurred to Satveer that the person who was sitting next to him was new. Satveer loved Spellwork as it was quite an involved class but this meant he rarely sat next to the same person in consecutive lessons. After the third time this happened, he had questioned whether it was his deodorant or maybe his breath, but it soon became the norm and Satveer got on with it. The upside was that he got new lab partners a lot of the time and it was a greater learning experience (so he told himself).

This new girl was in a word, fresh. Satveer had first thought that she was from one of those American farming communities. The sort that raised barns, had large beards and didn’t use muggle technology, but her skin tone quickly quashed that theory. When it came down to it, where she came from was less of a concern. The more immediate question on Satveer’s mind was why now? He hadn’t seen her on the open day and appearing after midterm she’d have already missed so much. Would she have to catch-up or did she get a pass? Why did he care? Of all his traits, his worst was that Satveer was nosey!

“Claxons.” He said with a hum, “You know, like an air horn. Well, slightly more musical and…” Satveer stumbled, grasping for an appropriate word, “and a lot less abrasive”.
It was fairly obvious that the new girl didn’t have a clue what Satveer was talking about. Not wanting to portray himself as the crazy one, Satveer hurriedly tried to explain. “I was on about what Professor McKindy said when he said “Something will happen”” Satveer gestured with finger quotes. “I can’t imagine it would be anything bad. And it won’t be something super cool like… no homework for a week” he said with a wistful smile. “So, I thought a noisy celebration. You can’t go wrong with a little shock and awe celebration for the masses”. He said smiling assuredly at new girl.

Satveer looked at his scrawled in notebook. One of his better traits was self-betterment (or so he called it – personal improvement to everyone else). When he worked in groups, Satveer’s approach to ‘self-betterment’ saw Satveer capture the names of the other students he was working with in his notes. He would write them in order around the table and captured what it was each of the team would be contributing. He’d been made aware by one of the other students that it looked like he was snitching, but actually the notes were to help him understand and gain from the task. By detailing what the other students were doing (Within the team), Satveer ensured he could learn from them and their approaches. It also meant that he could have a go at a different part of the task if it ever came around again. It was only when he put pencil to paper did he realise that whilst he had acknowledged she was new, he hadn’t got new girl’s name.

“What am I to call you new girl? And what do you think may happen when we ace this task?”

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    • The elephant in the room - Satveer, Wed Sep 27 15:01
      • The pigeon speaking pidgin - Lydia, Fri Oct 6 08:33
        Once the student next to her started explaining what he meant by claxons, Lydia nodded, understanding better now. Air horn was a word she knew well, the university students liked to play with those... more
        • She was to be called Lyida - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Mon Oct 9 13:53
          It was clear from Lydia’s mannerisms that Satveer’s notation and line of questioning had caught her attention. He could have approached it differently. He could have asked her a little less weirdly... more
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