Neither am I
Wed Sep 27, 2017 18:11

Sara looked at the younger wizard besides her and listened intently to his view of how this assignment should be done. The Lyra nodded a few times in acceptance of what Drew had said. The mexican-american wondered why the first-year knew so much, but it wasn't such a big surprise since rumor had it that he was related to Professor McKindy, something she didn't really want to address now or never. Sara didn't really care about his relations, though maybe she should? All Sara knew was that Andrew was a good ally to have when it came to Spellwork classes and its derivative homework. Yes, she needed all the help she could get.

She smiled, “Sounds like a plan,” she said before fishing her very big and full notebook from her backpack. Sara´s spellwork notebook had everything she had see with her tutor over the holidays. They had not touched as many subjects as they had during summer vacations, but Sara was certain she had notes on shape changing charm. The second year began perusing her extensive notes until she found what she was looking for. Eureka! Sara smiled and left her notebook open to the charm she knew she could handle easily.

Sara´s handwriting was messy and the scrawls all over the pages of her notebook were probably understood by only the second year. It didn't matter because nobody ever asked for her notes anyways. The Lyra was probably known at RMI as one of the most slow learners in history of the school. It was okay, because she was better now and she worked harder. She just hoped Drew wouldn't be too bothered by her lack of magical prowess.

“I´ll focus on changing the shapes if you don't mind,” she said/asked Andrew with a smile. She hoped that he would agree with her request because she was sure she wouldn't be able to perform the other charm effectively and she did not want to make a fool of herself in class anymore.

The Lyra was ready to tackle this assignment. Her wand was read on her hand, her notes were opened to the charm she needed, and she was sure she could manage it. Maybe even try and do some color changing charms? For some reason she always ended up with a different color than intended and it was particularly annoying.

  • I’m not supposed to play with matches - Andrew Tennant, Sun Sep 24 16:06
    The holidays had been totally awesome. Jessie had brought her fiancée (!) to Christmas. Dad and Madeleine had been super excited and Aaron and Drew had apparently, without discussion, agreed to not... more
    • Neither am I - Sara , Wed Sep 27 18:11
      • I won’t tell if you won’t - Drew, Wed Oct 4 13:35
        Sara opened a giant notebook filled with what appeared to be Ancient Runes. Drew knew they couldn’t be Ancient Runes because Sara was a second year and you couldn’t take electives until fourth year,... more
        • We are in the same page - Sara, Sun Oct 8 18:30
          The second-year watched as Andrew changed the color of the bean and smiled when he succeeded. The mexican-american grabbed the bean and looked at it intently trying to determine what shape she needed ... more
          • Of the same book? - Drew, Wed Oct 18 12:31
            Sara’s attempt at changing the bean was not quite as good as Drew’s color-changing spell. To her credit, it did turn into a circle. Ish. It just wasn’t a very circle-y circle. Drew glanced at the... more
            • I think so? - Sara, Sat Oct 21 20:57
              The Lyra had not put too much thought into the RMI houses before Drew had brought it up. He began describing each one of them, and Sara was enthralled by it. The second-year began thinking about... more
              • Then we agree - Drew, Mon Oct 30 16:14
                Okay, and Sara did not want to work on the assignment, because she was all “I’ll do it later,” which was fine except that the class was only so long. Like, she’d eventually have to do it. In the next ... more
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