Me too! Great minds think alike!
Tue Oct 3, 2017 22:33

Marley felt like her face was smiling even more as Connor answered her. If that was even possible. Which it probably wasn’t, but whatever. The way he answered, quiet and concise and agreeing with her, was just making her really happy because it was so them him. It was a relief, really. She’d been kinda just a little worried that something had changed because of how rarely they had interacted since the start of term, and she had tried convincing herself that it was just her imagination (they were both super busy, after all), but then Midterm had happened and she realized that Literally Months/Basically Years had gone by and she couldn’t ignore the niggling feeling that something was off. But Connor was being totally normal! Nothing had changed and everything was okay and her friend was back. Phew.

Connor hadn’t exactly answered her question, but that was also normal - their relationship was just unique like that! - so Marley took it upon herself to assign him an answer. Affirmative, duh. “Fantastic, then let’s start!” She hopped up onto her stool, before half-hopping down again in order to scootch it closer to the empty stool. That was just because she and Connor would have to be closer together in order to work on this assignment. Obviously. Because the two or, like, maybe three inches that she’d nudged her stool closer could have a big impact on their working dynamic. Like how even teeny changes to a room could change the acoustics. She couldn’t just stay where she was and then wind up shouting at him all class. That’d be unproductive!

The fact that, assuming he took the stool intended for him, which of course he would (why wouldn’t he), it meant they would be close enough they might almost barely be within range of actual contact was obviously something that hadn’t occurred to her yet.

Briskly taking charge, she began dividing up the beans, half in front of her, half pushing towards him. “So how do you wanna do this?” she asked, genuinely curious in his answer. Connor always seemed to have an efficient way of finishing classwork, and the benefit of partnered work was that then you could learn a new way of doing things since everyone thought differently and your partner’s ideas would therefore always be at least a bit different from your own. (Marley was a strong supporter of partnered work, if anyone couldn’t tell.) “Maybe we can take turns for the first few, to, like, watch each other and give advice and stuff, and then race each other through the rest! And hey, how was your Midterm?” Someone who wasn’t Marley might have found the topic change abrupt, but it was absolutely logical to her - she had, after all, just expressed her apologies for Bludger’s behaviour not letting them keep in better touch.

  • Well I'm very sure about you - Connor, Tue Oct 3 20:27
    Oh no Merlin no why no - Connor mentally let off a couple of words that he’d heard Rose use, usually under her breath and usually directed at their father. Their father had threatened to wash Rose’s... more
    • Me too! Great minds think alike! - Marley, Tue Oct 3 22:33
      • Great is definitely a word - Connor, Tue Oct 17 13:03
        There was no escape. Connor gingerly sat on the stool next to Marley as though the thing was going to explode. In fact, he wasn’t going to rule exploding out of the question because it was Marley and ... more
        • Great is who we are - Marley, Sat Oct 21 20:01
          Connor proposed starting with the shapes and then moving on to size and colour. Nodding along, her brain caught up a second later and she realized -- “Oh, of course , that totally makes sense!” She’d ... more
          • In great distress, maybe - Connor, Sun Oct 29 14:56
            She was touching him . Every single alarm bell in Connor’s entire body was going off because oh Merlin Marley was touching him she was touching his head why was she touching his head oh Merlin why.... more
            • Oh, no! How can I help? - Marley, Sun Oct 29 19:12
              And she actually did it , wow. Marley was so impressed with herself. Her hand wasn’t even shaking, although her heart was doing a loud bongo-like thumping, and that was definitely something to be... more
              • Unsurprisingly, Marley’s answer was not an answer that Connor deemed appropriate explanation for her touching him. More surprisingly, apparently this is what constituted flirting in Marley’s twisted... more
                • Connor’s confirmation that he hadn’t done much flirting before, either, was not only accompanied by a small smile of his own, but in turn met with a more enthusiastic smile from Marley. Oh, phew !... more
                  • Trust me, my plans do not include you - Connor, Wed Nov 1 11:17
                    As suddenly as Connor thought he had the situation under control, it spun so far out of the realm of his imagination that he didn’t have time to realize it before things got Very Bad. He hadn’t... more
                    • Something's wrong!! (tag: Mister Aaron) - Marley, Wed Nov 1 16:42
                      Connor didn't immediately agree that yes a date would be marvelous, great idea Marley, you're marvelous too , but he also didn't immediately say no never , so she supposed that his silent staring and ... more
                      • Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling - Professor McKindy, Thu Nov 2 18:47
                        Although Aaron had been wandering around the room at the start of class, answering questions, he had since let the students get on with their projects without his constant hovering. If they needed... more
                        • You have no idea - Connor, Thu Nov 2 19:03
                          Connor had barely had the opportunity to take a deep breath when he heard Marley outside the door. Why had she followed him? His eyes were wide as he looked around the bathroom contemplating the best ... more
                          • I don't, either!! - Marley, Fri Nov 3 21:09
                            The great thing about Mister Aaron was that he was not only super nice, but he was also a super good pay-attention-er. (Was there a real word for that? She didn’t think so, but even if there was,... more
                            • At least we're all on the same page - Prof. McKindy, Sat Nov 4 11:03
                              Marley stepped back and let the door swing shut, so that was one fewer thing that Aaron had to do. She was still bouncing, clearly invested in the situation, but at the very least she was giving poor ... more
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