I won’t tell if you won’t
Wed Oct 4, 2017 13:35

Sara opened a giant notebook filled with what appeared to be Ancient Runes. Drew knew they couldn’t be Ancient Runes because Sara was a second year and you couldn’t take electives until fourth year, but they sure did look like indecipherable symbols.

Drew wasn’t sure what classes he’d want to add when he was a fourth year. Magical Sciences sounded really hard and not super interesting. Ancient Runes seemed interesting but also like a lot of memorization, which Drew wasn’t great at when it wasn’t music-related. Once he learned chords or lyrics, he had them forever, but textbook stuff wasn’t the same. Arithmancy was kind of like math, but Drew liked puzzles and patterns so maybe that would be a good class? And Divination might be cool. Some people didn’t believe in it but it would be super cool to be able to tell the future, and also Drew knew he liked the professor. Kaz had always talked to Drew like he was a grown-up, even when he was only eight. And not in a bad way either, not like people who used big words knowing that you wouldn’t understand them so you had to ask and they got to explain and feel superior. Kaz was just, like, a nice person who cared about what you had to say even if you were eight.

As for what classes he would drop… probably not Spellwork and definitely not Magizoobotany or Defense. Potions and Cultural Studies were pretty cool but Drew wasn’t sure about continuing them or not. He could take or leave Astronomy and he was definitely not continuing History of Magic longer than he had to. Professor Boot was weird.

“Go for it,” Drew said, not minding her choice in the slightest. After all, Sara had picked the more complicated job for herself. Color-changing was way easier. Not only was it a simpler charm, but Drew got to be creative with the colors, as opposed to having to perfectly match the shape of the beans to the spaces on the puzzle board Aaron had given them.

He picked up one of the beans, picturing the dark red of the theater’s velvet curtains. “Apochrosis,” he said confidently, copying the wand movement Aaron had demonstrated. The bean turned a red that was a good amount brighter than Drew had intended, but it was still in the red family so Drew was calling that a victory.

Satisfied, he moved it to the side for Sara to cast the shape-changing spell on when she was ready. “So you’re a Lyra, right?” he asked. Drew didn’t wanna just work in silence but he didn’t know Sara very well either. He picked up another bean to contemplate color options. Maybe gold? “Are you one of the artsy ones or did you just get in on personality?”

  • Neither am I - Sara , Wed Sep 27 18:11
    Sara looked at the younger wizard besides her and listened intently to his view of how this assignment should be done. The Lyra nodded a few times in acceptance of what Drew had said. The... more
    • I won’t tell if you won’t - Drew, Wed Oct 4 13:35
      • We are in the same page - Sara, Sun Oct 8 18:30
        The second-year watched as Andrew changed the color of the bean and smiled when he succeeded. The mexican-american grabbed the bean and looked at it intently trying to determine what shape she needed ... more
        • Of the same book? - Drew, Wed Oct 18 12:31
          Sara’s attempt at changing the bean was not quite as good as Drew’s color-changing spell. To her credit, it did turn into a circle. Ish. It just wasn’t a very circle-y circle. Drew glanced at the... more
          • I think so? - Sara, Sat Oct 21 20:57
            The Lyra had not put too much thought into the RMI houses before Drew had brought it up. He began describing each one of them, and Sara was enthralled by it. The second-year began thinking about... more
            • Then we agree - Drew, Mon Oct 30 16:14
              Okay, and Sara did not want to work on the assignment, because she was all “I’ll do it later,” which was fine except that the class was only so long. Like, she’d eventually have to do it. In the next ... more
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