The pigeon speaking pidgin
Fri Oct 6, 2017 08:33

Once the student next to her started explaining what he meant by claxons, Lydia nodded, understanding better now. Air horn was a word she knew well, the university students liked to play with those during sports matches and at the beach sometimes when they had drank too much and were stumbling around in the sand at 2am, trying desperately to make their way back to the dorms.

“No homework for a week would be really cool though,” she said, an easy smile coming to her face. Lydia was a naturally smiley girl. In fact, her smile was probably one of her favorite parts about her appearance, she really liked how when the corners of her mouth turned up two small dimples formed in her cheeks. She could be vain like that sometimes, but what eleven year old wasn’t? They were all in really awkward stages what with their heights shooting up and their hormones all out of whack causing the boys to drop their voices and have terrible body order and the girls to develop in the chest area and spend a week every month in uncomfortable pain.

Lydia craned her neck to see what her neighbor had written in his notebook. It was a list of their classmates’ names and various qualities about them. “Lydia,” she said, while still reading what he had written. She couldn’t help it, she could be a naturally nosy person from time to time. “But I’m not so sure I should have told you that. What’s all this for?”

Lydia completely ignored his last question about acing the task. There were more interesting things than school work at hand now, like gossip. She was a pre-teen, after all!

OOC: Ugh, sorry it took so long. I haven’t had any internet for the past week or so. I still don’t have internet, actually, I’m mobile hot-spotting…

  • The elephant in the room - Satveer, Wed Sep 27 15:01
    It hadn’t even occurred to Satveer that the person who was sitting next to him was new. Satveer loved Spellwork as it was quite an involved class but this meant he rarely sat next to the same person... more
    • The pigeon speaking pidgin - Lydia, Fri Oct 6 08:33
      • She was to be called Lyida - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Mon Oct 9 13:53
        It was clear from Lydia’s mannerisms that Satveer’s notation and line of questioning had caught her attention. He could have approached it differently. He could have asked her a little less weirdly... more
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