Katherine Kendrick
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Sat Oct 7, 2017 14:10

Kit was mad at Darlene.

It was the first time in her whole ENTIRE life that Kit was mad at somebody. Well sometimes she got annoyed at Marissa or Drew or (more rarely) Madeleine but it wasn’t frequently and it was usually over really quickly but THIS TIME it had been more than two hours and Kit was still angry. Not only had Darlene been mean to Darby, but she’d said she didn’t want to be friends with him and had generally refused to revise her racist-towards-tarantulas attitude. Also, Darlene hadn’t said sorry to Darby yet and Kit thought that was really rude. It was okay that Darlene wasn’t happy with her (Grandpa Garen had pointed out that Kit really shouldn’t have touched Darlene’s things and that was fair, Dad had told her that about Marissa’s things a bunch of times while Marissa was at school because sometimes Kit missed Marissa and snuck into her room to steal clothes or sleep in her bed) but it wasn’t okay that Darlene wasn’t happy with Darby. Poor Darby hadn’t done anything at all.

Kit had even followed Grandpa Garen’s instructions and gone to Professor Bennett and asked for help making Darby a happy home to live in. The result was spectacular. It was a twenty gallon aquarium, which took up the entire length of the trunk at the foot of Kit’s bed, and it was full of small logs and plants and things for Darby to hang out in. He seemed to like it a lot. Mostly he liked hanging out under one particular plant, but sometimes he spent some time on top of a log or under another plant instead. Professor Bennett had also helped her out by casting a warming spell on the tank so it would keep the tank the right temperature for Darby. She had gone to Grandpa Aaron, who had given her a top for the tank that automatically locked when she put it on the top. Apparently tarantulas were really good at escaping, and Kit was pretty sure if Darby made it over to Darlene’s side of the room again Grandpa Garen would be mad.

However Kit knew that Grandpa Aaron liked animals, and she was pretty sure he wouldn’t mind if she brought Darby to class with her. She made it a point not to sit by Darlene so she wouldn’t tattle, and peeked into her bag. Darby was calmly sitting right on top of her textbooks. She had tried to put him in a little carrying container, but he hadn’t wanted to go in and seemed perfectly happy just sitting on top of the textbooks.

“Sssshh,” she told Darby while she pulled out her notebook.

Grandpa Aaron told them all about what they were doing today and Kit made scribbly notes that were a little more copious than strictly necessary. It was her New Year’s resolution to do better about paying attention in class, and she was pretty sure people who paid attention in class took a lot of notes so she should too. Once Grandpa Aaron told them to start working, Kit frowned and started trying to read her notes back. It was hard. Her handwriting, never the most legible, was certainly not doing her any favors at the moment.

Suddenly, someone plopped down next to her and Kit looked over. It was Teal Rosse, who was really cool and dressed like a grown-up. She was wearing the best sweater right now. Kit was just wearing a pink flannel top and jeans; she felt a little self-conscious. Maybe Marissa would teach her how to wear clothes like that. And makeup! And Teal was offering Kit gum! Kit loved gum.

“Thanks!” she said enthusiastically, taking a piece and popping it in her mouth. “I love gum!” Then she paused. Was it safe for her to work with Teal for this class? The first-year narrowed green eyes suspiciously. “Are you racist?” she asked, tone pre-emptively a little accusatory.

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    Teal was happy to get back to school after break. Not that she hadn’t had a good Christmas, but Vi was really starting to drive her up the walls. Teal had gotten her ears pierced as a belated... more
    • You have met your match - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Oct 7 14:10
      • Well aren't you a little firebrand - Teal, Thu Oct 12 03:48
        Of all the things Teal expected Kit to say, ”Are you racist?” was not on the list. Teal did an almost comical double-take as she tried to come up with a response, much less figure out why Kit... more
        • We haven't even got started yet! - Kit, Mon Oct 16 08:59
          Well that was a relief. Teal wasn’t racist, which was good because Kit really didn’t want to have to have Darby wait in her bag for the entire class period, but she also didn’t want to get in trouble ... more
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