We are in the same page
Sun Oct 8, 2017 18:30

The second-year watched as Andrew changed the color of the bean and smiled when he succeeded. The mexican-american grabbed the bean and looked at it intently trying to determine what shape she needed to change it into. Sara looked at her notes, at the board Professor McKindy had given them and then back at the bean. Maybe she could start with a circle since it was the easiest shape. In her opinion. The second-year was pointed her wand at the bean, said the incantation, flicked the wand like she needed to and she ended up with a around the edges squiggly circle. Sara leaned her head to the right. Hmm. What had she done wrong? The Lyra looked over at her notes and quickly scanned the precise instructions. Maybe she had flicked the wand a bit too much. Sara sighed. She needed to retry it.

“Yes, I am a Lyra,” she answered Drew´s question, but took a few minutes to think about his follow up question. No, she wasn't an artsy person. She enjoyed art and music and theater and everything, but she wasn't a producer of art. “I think personality,” she finally answered. Sara left her defective circle on top of the desk and looked at Andrew, “What do you mean personality?” Sara was curious to know what personality characteristics required someone to be part of the Lyra House. If she was honest, Sara had never thought why she had been placed in Lyra or how the other houses functioned. “And why do you think you are in Cetus.” she asked fairly certain he was in Cetus, but not completely sure. “I mean, you are in Cetus, right?”

Her attention had been shifted from class to RMI’s houses. Sara blinked and smiled at Andrew waiting for his answer. She was sure he had a lot of insight since his parents were part of the faculty at the school. The Lyra´s eyes brightened with the prospect of learning something as awesome as how the houses were made up.

  • I won’t tell if you won’t - Drew, Wed Oct 4 13:35
    Sara opened a giant notebook filled with what appeared to be Ancient Runes. Drew knew they couldn’t be Ancient Runes because Sara was a second year and you couldn’t take electives until fourth year,... more
    • We are in the same page - Sara, Sun Oct 8 18:30
      • Of the same book? - Drew, Wed Oct 18 12:31
        Sara’s attempt at changing the bean was not quite as good as Drew’s color-changing spell. To her credit, it did turn into a circle. Ish. It just wasn’t a very circle-y circle. Drew glanced at the... more
        • I think so? - Sara, Sat Oct 21 20:57
          The Lyra had not put too much thought into the RMI houses before Drew had brought it up. He began describing each one of them, and Sara was enthralled by it. The second-year began thinking about... more
          • Then we agree - Drew, Mon Oct 30 16:14
            Okay, and Sara did not want to work on the assignment, because she was all “I’ll do it later,” which was fine except that the class was only so long. Like, she’d eventually have to do it. In the next ... more
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