Satveer (Sam) Mittal
She was to be called Lyida
Mon Oct 9, 2017 13:53

It was clear from Lydia’s mannerisms that Satveer’s notation and line of questioning had caught her attention. He could have approached it differently. He could have asked her a little less weirdly but given her interest and the relative sheen that comes with a new student, it would be remis of Satveer not to have had a little fun.

“Lydia” Satveer whispered as he neatly penned her name next to his followed by four, blank, square boxes. Putting the back of his pen to his lips, Satveer sat back and gave Lydia a ‘good look over’. Suspense would be the key to getting this right! Too long and its creepy. Too short and it’s not intriguing enough. After what he anticipated was a ‘long enough’ pause, Satveer leaned over his notebook at wrote the number 3 in the first box and a A# in the second. Without giving time for her to question what was happening (because even he didn’t know what he was doing), Satveer began looking around the room whilst slowly explaining “I like to know who I work with and make sure…” he started slowing, hoping to capture someone’s gaze “…I don’t miss….” he stuttered, “….anything”. Luckily, the Professor McKindy was looking his way and Satveer, with a dead pan face, gave a straight down nod. It being Professor McKindy, nod of “you’re OK, get on with it” was the expected response. Professor McKindy, didn’t disappoint, and no sooner had the response been received, Satveer placed a thick black cross inside box number 3.

Satveer wasn’t a vindictive boy. He wasn’t really a trouble maker of any kind. In all he was a pleasant boy who got on with school and didn’t want to upset anyone. He did however like to play games. It was only when he’d finished the ill-justified and inquisitive cross in the third box did he look towards Lydia. It was on then it occurred to him that, whatever it was he was doing the potential to think he was quirky or upset her. Or both!

“I’m Satveer, but please call me Sam” He said gently, in an attempt to no appear to weird.

  • The pigeon speaking pidgin - Lydia, Fri Oct 6 08:33
    Once the student next to her started explaining what he meant by claxons, Lydia nodded, understanding better now. Air horn was a word she knew well, the university students liked to play with those... more
    • She was to be called Lyida - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Mon Oct 9 13:53
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