Remington Burnham
I can tell that you're passionate about that
Mon Oct 9, 2017 14:29

Remington liked working in pairs.

Of course, she had her preferences of who to work with. She almost always worked with Dade – because it made Dade the least grumpy – but she’d started working with Kit sometimes. When she was feeling really adventurous, she’d work with Hunter. That was never a dull class. She must have missed getting paired off, though, because Dade and Kit were already working with people. She didn’t see Hunter, either.

She wouldn’t have minded working with Drew, but he already had a partner, too. It just wasn’t Remington’s day. Thankfully, she didn’t mind getting to know other people. It tended to work out for her. After taking diligent notes in her notebook color coded for Spellwork (pink, of course, like Professor McKindy’s occasionally worn bubble hat), the darker skinned girl began to wander the classroom in search of a partner.

Given the wide variety of students she worked with, Remington didn’t ask for much in a partner. She wanted them to just try, which seemed to be the common quality among all of her friends. Some tried more seriously than others, and some focused way too much on certain things (like how lickable different objects might be). It was very difficult to disappoint Remington as a human being so far.

One of the older students turned and looked at her, but she didn’t say anything. Remington recognized her. The two of them hadn’t really worked together. From what Remy remembered, this girl usually had her own people she worked with, just like how Remy had her own regular partners to choose from. Her friends must have been taken, too. Well, she didn’t mind being the next best choice for someone!

“Hi,” Remy said brightly, tucking a tight brown curl back into her big green bow, “All my friends are partnered up already. Could I convince you to work with me? I come with very thorough notes and positivity.” She didn’t really need to add the last part, since her shirt was literally a purple sweater with a rainbow across the middle, and her jeans and boots (that might be slippers, actually, but they were comfy!) were complimented by a light pink lipstick she’d gotten for Christmas. She was clearly a chipper person.

  • That felt necessary - Claudia Dubois, THIRD YEAR, CETUS, Tue Oct 3 14:28
    Almost instantly Claudia’s face fell into a frown; literally the first instruction the Professor gave was to work in pairs. It was infuriating, and demoralising, and often a waste of Claudia’s time.... more
    • I can tell that you're passionate about that - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 9 14:29
      • What gave it away? - Claudia, Wed Oct 11 09:26
        Remington Burnham. Claudia didn't know the other girl well, if at all, beyond the fact that she was friends with Dade Farnon. For whatever reason, Connor disapproved of this friendship, which made... more
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