What gave it away?
Wed Oct 11, 2017 09:26

Remington Burnham. Claudia didn't know the other girl well, if at all, beyond the fact that she was friends with Dade Farnon. For whatever reason, Connor disapproved of this friendship, which made Claudia naturally disinclined to like Remington. Like many of the girls in the beginner classes - herself notwithstanding - Remington was bubbly, had a proclivity for conversation, and apparently made a goal of wearing every possible colour imaginable in just one outfit. Not for the first time, Claudia lamented the lack of other girls in their age group who might share her own background, beliefs and disposition, but for the most part her more exuberant counterparts did not seem unpleasant. Remington’s greeting, promising thorough notes and positivity was encouraging.

“Okay,” Claudia acquiesced slowly, after a short pause during which she'd given the proposal due consideration. Considering they had been in classes together for all of the past year, she assumed no formal introduction was necessary. Claudia resumed the seat she had originally neglected in pursuit of a partner, and spread the provided beans out on the lab countertop. She had a preference to practise the colour changing charms herself, because she suspected the skill required to charm one’s hair and to charm a bean might be related. Of course she also believes they should both attempt all of the requisite spells, to each properly complete the lesson.

Turning to express this to her partner, Claudia paused again as she took in Remington’s appearance. She was bright, but not scruffy or uncoordinated. Claudia’s dark blonde hair was fastened tightly into one Dutch braid down the back of her head and between her shoulder blades. Beneath her uniform robes, she wore a long-sleeved white blouse under a blush pink v-neck knitted vest, with knee-length grey culottes and knee-high tan leather boots. Her pale gold eyeliner was subtle, unlike the pink lipstick Remington had chosen, which was very noticeable against her much darker complexion. She felt compelled to comment on it, but did not want to distract them both from the assignment.

“Perhaps we should each do half of the pieces so we can both try all the spells,” she vocalised her earlier thoughts. “Professor McKindy began with engorgio so that seems a good place for us to begin, too,” she suggested.

  • I can tell that you're passionate about that - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 9 14:29
    Remington liked working in pairs. Of course, she had her preferences of who to work with. She almost always worked with Dade – because it made Dade the least grumpy – but she’d started working with... more
    • What gave it away? - Claudia, Wed Oct 11 09:26
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