Well aren't you a little firebrand
Thu Oct 12, 2017 03:48

Of all the things Teal expected Kit to say, ”Are you racist?” was not on the list. Teal did an almost comical double-take as she tried to come up with a response, much less figure out why Kit Kendrick was suddenly grilling her. Had someone picked on her for being Irish? Not Irish-Irish like Myffie the Hippie, the weird new transfer, but just for looking Irish. Teal knew that Kit and Darlene had gotten into some kind of argument. Had Darlene said something? Darlene seemed like one of those snotty purebloods (or she was going to turn into one eventually). Teal thought that Darlene would probably have had a fuss about a normal person roommate, but Kit was far from normal by anyone’s standards.

Kit was (as far as Teal knew) the only person to investigate Potions ingredients by licking them. Why hadn’t Marissa warned her off? Teal was sure she’d have to prep Violet so that her little sister didn’t make a fool of herself. Or injure herself. Or, most importantly, embarrass Teal. The Draco didn’t mind people thinking she was odd, but she didn’t want Violet’s behavior to affect her own image. Teal was odd, but only ever (she hoped) in a good way. And she certainly wasn’t racist!

“No, of course I’m not racist!” Teal said incredulously. She bit back a list of every not-white person she was friends with, because apparently saying “I have black friends” was itself kinda racist, which Teal didn’t understand at all. Racist people didn’t like people who were a different race, so Teal being friends with Sam or Remy should prove that she wasn’t racist. Right? But the really confusing thing was why Kit was asking. “And anyway, I can’t be racist to you, cos we’re both white!”

Maybe Kit was talking about blood status? Teal was pureblood, but she wasn’t an ass about it like some people. Like maybe Darlene? Had Kit’s roommate said something?

Teal placed a bean in front of her, tapped it firmly with her wand, and said “Engorgio!” The bean grew to about the right size of one of the holes. She’d aimed for the green square first, figuring that a square was a pretty easy shape to get right. The bean was a good excuse to look away from Kit’s accusatory gaze. She held it over their wooden frame, checking the differences.

“Kit, did someone say something mean to you?” Teal asked, still not looking at Kit. The younger girl wasn’t in her house, but Teal felt vaguely obligated to make her feel better. Or at least, to get her to stop calling Teal racist. “If it was a Draco, I could maybe help you out,” Darlene was also white, so it couldn’t have been her. If Teal had to guess, it was Hubert. He’d probably insulted her for, well, acting like Kit during literally any class.

  • You have met your match - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Oct 7 14:10
    Kit was mad at Darlene. It was the first time in her whole ENTIRE life that Kit was mad at somebody. Well sometimes she got annoyed at Marissa or Drew or (more rarely) Madeleine but it wasn’t... more
    • Well aren't you a little firebrand - Teal, Thu Oct 12 03:48
      • We haven't even got started yet! - Kit, Mon Oct 16 08:59
        Well that was a relief. Teal wasn’t racist, which was good because Kit really didn’t want to have to have Darby wait in her bag for the entire class period, but she also didn’t want to get in trouble ... more
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