Mikael Lundqvist
What about boxes of matches?
Thu Oct 12, 2017 21:38

When the girl beside him first started talking, Anssi had assumed she was talking to him and, wanting to be polite, immediately stopped what he was doing. What he had been doing was taking notes. Professor Mikkindy had finished explaining their assignment, but that didn’t mean Anssi had finished writing; writing in English went very slowly for him compared to the other students, and writing in Finnish or Swedish would have required him to first translate mentally the professor’s words into Finnish or Swedish, which was also a hard thing to do, especially when the professor just kept on talking and talking instead of taking a nice long pause for Anssi to catch up.

The blonde had thought that pausing in his careful, delicate printing was a polite thing to do, because now he was giving the girl all of his attention. Listening to people was always polite, even when it was just pretending to listen, which was sort of what had happened now since he didn’t honestly understand most of what she was saying. But then the girl made frowning eye contact with him. Did that mean she thought he was being rude? That didn’t make sense, but it was also the only conclusion that made sense… But then the girl snapped something about beans being weird. Now it made even less sense.

“Beans are not weird,” Anssi protested, although he tried very hard and mostly succeeded at keeping his voice from sounding like it was really a protest. The first-year was not a confrontational type, not at all, and if this girl was really so offended by beans, he would absolutely agree for the sake of avoiding an argument. But it was such a random thing for her to have said! She couldn’t actually mean it. Right? “Beans are not very fun when they are like this-” he picked up one of the beans and rolled it between his fingers “-but to eat beans is good. Beans are a yum food. I like beans.”

The class was about magicking the beans, not eating them, unfortunately, and because the girl looked older than him, Anssi deferred to her by offering her the bean. “Are you wanting to magic it first or are you wanting me to magic it first? Also, who are you? I am Mikael, but call me Anssi.” Introductions were also polite. Unless the girl also didn't like names as much as she didn't like polite listening and beans.

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