I guess we'll just go with what we've got
Sat Oct 14, 2017 15:40

Honestly, Dade didn’t have very many opinions on Alena. They had never really spent much time together and she usually wasn’t annoying. He hadn’t paid enough attention to her in class to know if she was any good at it, though, and from her response the answer was no. Dade gritted his teeth. Great. Another class period spent not learning anything because of his idiot partner. How many times would this happen before the professors caught on that group work was not the best methodology for actual learning? The second-year was holding out hope for his upper year classes; even if the professors still made them work in groups, since people could drop topics they were rubbish at, it would theoretically make for a better experience overall.

But for today, he had this to deal with.

“All right,” Dade said, taking a deep breath. “Well if you’re that bad just watch where you’re pointing your wand, I want to keep my eyebrows.” With a look at the pile of beans in front of him, he carefully separated two out, and put one in front of him and one in front of Alena. Well, kind of in front of Alena. He actually reached across her and put the bean on the side farthest away from him. “Just do your spell that way.” Maybe if something went wrong, it would hit someone he didn’t like. That could be fun.

One of the holes in the frame that had been provided to them was a yellow triangle that was significantly larger than the bean in front of him, so the first thing Dade did was pull out his wand and wave it while muttering the incantation. The bean grew to what he thought was a good enough size, although in retrospect he realized he probably should have transfigured it into a triangle before changing the size. He’d probably have to change the size again. It was hard to figure out what size bean would fit into a hole once it was a triangle.

  • I don't think this one was made in heaven - Magdalena Adler, Tue Sep 26 11:33
    Alena slouched in her seat. She didn’t want to be here. She was too stupid for school anyway and spellwork was her worst class. Her hands always got shaky before performing the wand movements and... more
    • I guess we'll just go with what we've got - Dade, Sat Oct 14 15:40
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