We haven't even got started yet!
Mon Oct 16, 2017 08:59

Well that was a relief. Teal wasn’t racist, which was good because Kit really didn’t want to have to have Darby wait in her bag for the entire class period, but she also didn’t want to get in trouble for having Darby out. Grandpa Garen said that Darby would have to stay on her side of the room and not Darlene’s, and technically he hadn’t said not to take Darby to class but Kit didn’t want someone to tattle. Not that she thought that Teal was a tattle-tale, but she hadn’t thought Darlene was really mean either until she had hit Darby. Teal did say something weird about them both being white, which Kit didn’t understand the significance of, but the redhead quickly moved on from the trivial talking part.

Teal was a super good worker because she immediately got started on the activity that Grandpa Aaron had told them to do. Instead of doing the same, Kit reached into her bag and pulled out her tarantula. She set him on the table in front of her. Darby clicked and picked up a bean in his front two legs. Kit giggled.

“No,” she responded to Teal’s question, picking up a bean too and examining it. “Darlene was mean to Darby though, which is worse because he can’t even defend himself! She even hit him.” Darby dropped the bean and skittered towards Teal, prodding her arm with one of his hairy legs. Kit giggled again. “Aww, he likes you!” she cooed, scooping the tarantula up and booping one of his legs with her nose. “Such a good tarantula,” Kit said, putting Darby back down on the table.

  • Well aren't you a little firebrand - Teal, Thu Oct 12 03:48
    Of all the things Teal expected Kit to say, ”Are you racist?” was not on the list. Teal did an almost comical double-take as she tried to come up with a response, much less figure out why Kit... more
    • We haven't even got started yet! - Kit, Mon Oct 16 08:59
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