Of the same book?
Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:31

Sara’s attempt at changing the bean was not quite as good as Drew’s color-changing spell. To her credit, it did turn into a circle. Ish. It just wasn’t a very circle-y circle. Drew glanced at the board they were supposed to be filling. There weren’t any wobbly circles on the board, but he guessed she’d been trying for the regular circle.

He was always happier to talk about anything than actually do work. “Well, Lyra is like, the ‘artsy’ House,” Drew said, with air quotes. Sara was a Lyra, so he didn't mention that his dad was the head of Lyra. She already knew. Dad hadn't gone to RMI, but Drew would bet his broomstick that Garen Tennant would’ve been Sorted into Lyra if he had. Besides the music and theater and musical theater stuff, that was also just… that kind of person. You could maybe argue that he might fit in Draco too, because he sure did like doing things as a family and he was pretty organized. Like, he put a lot of attention into details, especially when it came to shows and family vacations and stuff. But he was also super dramatic sometimes (extra. The word for being dramatic when you didn’t have to be was “extra”) but, like, in a fun way. And charismatic. Drew was pretty sure that was a Lyra thing too, probably. “But you don’t have to do fine arts stuff to get into Lyra. You can also be in Lyra for a bunch of other reasons. Like if you like being the center of attention,” Drew didn’t think that was a bad thing, so he didn’t say it like it was a bad thing, “you might be a Lyra.”

That could be a funny series for Rocky Voices. If you do X, you might be a Lyra. They could do ones for every House and run a different column each edition until the end of term. There was enough friendly rivalry (especially as they headed toward Quidditch finals) that people might enjoy poking fun at the other Houses.

If you have a stick up your butt about rules, you might be a Cetus. Except that wasn’t totally accurate, because some Ceti didn't really care about school rules. They just follow their own rules, apparently. And then there was Drew. He still wasn’t quite sure why he’d been Sorted there. “Yeah, I am. Ceti are supposed to be peacekeepers and have a strong moral code.” Drew shrugged. “I dunno. I don’t think I really fit the requirements.”

He’d really been hoping he would be in Aquila. Marissa was in Aquila, and it seemed like a really fun House. Drew had had a lot of time to learn about the different Houses and the people who got sorted into them. Cetus seemed kind of like a boring House with mostly boring people. Drew hoped that that didn’t mean he was boring too. “I guess I’m, like, pretty chill, so that counts toward mediating.” He had definitely been told he was a mediating influence on Kit. Wait, not mediating. Mitigating, maybe? “Maybe I just didn’t really fit any of the Houses super strongly, so the Sorting magic just went with Cetus.” He didn’t know a lot about how the dreamcatchers worked, but he knew the staff weren’t the ones who decided who was in which House.

Drew drummed his fingers on the desk with his left hand, then tapped the wobbly circle Sara had made. She’d seemed really disappointed by it. “You picked the harder spell,” Drew said encouragingly, nodding at the former bean. “And you were pretty close. I bet if you try again you can pull it off.”

  • We are in the same page - Sara, Sun Oct 8 18:30
    The second-year watched as Andrew changed the color of the bean and smiled when he succeeded. The mexican-american grabbed the bean and looked at it intently trying to determine what shape she needed ... more
    • Of the same book? - Drew, Wed Oct 18 12:31
      • I think so? - Sara, Sat Oct 21 20:57
        The Lyra had not put too much thought into the RMI houses before Drew had brought it up. He began describing each one of them, and Sara was enthralled by it. The second-year began thinking about... more
        • Then we agree - Drew, Mon Oct 30 16:14
          Okay, and Sara did not want to work on the assignment, because she was all “I’ll do it later,” which was fine except that the class was only so long. Like, she’d eventually have to do it. In the next ... more
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