Let's be the No in Innovative
Mon Jan 23, 2017 19:47

“What Hick! are you even saying? That doesn’t Hick! make any Hick! sense!”

Stella stifled a giggle behind her hiccups and finally put all of her available ingredients next to her book, she turned around to see who exactly was the student she sat next to. Oh, it's him. Stella thought to herself as she gave the boy a small smile. From what Stella could tell, there were always two or three students that would make a habit of sitting in the back of the classroom besides herself, and Nalo was one of them. She sort of had a soft spot for the underdog outliers (or should she say outcasts), and it was always funny when they sounded disgruntled. She was sure that working in partners was absolute torture to him; she decided she'd give him a break.

Clearing her throat, she tried to shake her head, but hiccuped midway and almost knocked herself off her seat; this made her giggle even more. As she re-positioned herself, she flipped her book to the page where the she found instructions for the reversal potion. Jokingly, she added "Yeah, Hick! You're right. A tHick! broth would work better I think," she said in a tone that implied she was kidding. Potions was her best subject, and if she wanted to experiment she'd do it in the Secret Passageways in A.B.'s room, not somewhere where her grades were at risk.

She slowly spread out all of the ingredients that the book listed in front of their cauldron and filled the pot with water. She silently muttered an "Incendio and touched the area underneath the base, and it was not long before the water started to warm up. She looked at Nalo and raised an eyebrow, his figure looking extremely tense and uncomfortable. "You, uh, gonna Hick! help make this Hick! soup, or do you want me to Hick! start first?" she asked, giving another smile.

She knew from personal experience that working in partners had the potential to be terrible, but, again, she was feeling particularly friendly that day. "The potion doesn't Hick! seem too difficult," she suggested, trying to loosen Nalo up. "I'm sure we can figure Hick! it out."

  • Let's be the No in No - Nalo, Mon Jan 23 00:56
    Nalo hadn’t expected much from potion making class. He’d been crafting potions as far back as he could remember, alongside various tutors and nannies. He thought himself quite good at it, although it ... more
    • Let's be the No in Innovative - Stella, Mon Jan 23 19:47
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