Sure, we can poof off together, this class is dull anyways
Tue Oct 31, 2017 23:59

Connor’s confirmation that he hadn’t done much flirting before, either, was not only accompanied by a small smile of his own, but in turn met with a more enthusiastic smile from Marley. Oh, phew! Not that it would’ve been a problem if he’d had more experience than her, of course, and in some ways that would’ve actually been a welcome difference because then she could have encouraged Connor to take more of the initiative next time. She was very used to being the leader among her friends (and more-than-friends, because this totally counted towards that now) and hadn’t honestly had much practice at being led around instead of leading. Marley was curious to see what that was like, but apparently that wouldn’t be happening today, since she and Connor were apparently on the same level in terms of their flirting expertise.

Although she had felt very much like she was understanding Connor for a moment, there, the dark-skinned girl was quickly confused by his next comment. Surely no one could blame her for that - like, Connor had gone from saying he didn’t like to be touched, to touching her hand, which seemed like basically one of the most romantic places to be touched, outside of hair, because touching hands usually meant you were gonna start holding hands except Connor didn’t. He just kinda poked her and then pulled his hand back again. Her brown eyes blinked rapidly several times as she tried to think of a reason for why he might have done that.

Wait, woah, was this Connor’s way of flirting? Saying things he didn’t entirely mean and then showing how he didn’t entirely mean it? That was a bit weird, but it couldn’t possibly be the weirdest type of flirting that existed, since the world was full of different people who flirted in lots of different ways. Marley’s parents were her best example of that for obvious reasons. They were only two people and they had so many different ways of showing they cared about each other, ranging from sweet things like she said sometimes on rom-coms to weird things like throwing or even stealing each other’s stuff and then lying about it. That was the sort of thing you could get in trouble for as a kid, but as an adult, as long as the person you were doing it to didn’t care, then no one else really cared either.

Anyways, reaching this long-winded but somehow fast conclusion, Marley giggled a bit and nodded, obediently moving her hand farther from his. “Suuure.” She dragged out the word, which was equal parts because she Got It now and wanted him to know she Got It as it was because she was still ever so slightly nervous and heart-thumpy and talking in long sounds was a good way to remind herself to, well, breathe normal and stuff. That was important, too.

“I am already perfectly assured of my feelings towards you.”

And that was even more important, maybe the most important, because in one sentence Marley’s heart seemed to stop entirely. She dragged in a sharp breath, whistling a little between the gap where a tooth had come out recently and a new one hadn’t yet grown in all the way. Connor had feelings for her. And it was true, not just something she was hoping was true so hard that she imagined it was, but definitely super for-real true because Connor had said it himself. She couldn’t quite tell if it was capital-f Feelings in a Serious way or just normal small-f feelings that were still real but also less serious, but that was fine, it was still feelings.

Marley had really no idea what to do, which was a new one for her (having conveniently already forgotten how little she knew about flirting and actually a bunch of other things too). But that was okay. Just one part at a time. That was how adults did things, right? “How, how long have you had… feelings?” she asked him. Her grin right now wasn’t as wide as her eyes were, but it was still pretty close. “Like, wow, I do too, I so do. That’s why I kept trying to ask you on dates. I guess it was kinda awkward to ask you over owl, but I’ve never really done that before - asking a boy out, I mean - so owl just felt easier, even though obviously my owl made a mess of it - but that doesn’t matter any more. Let’s go onadate!” The last bit burst out fast, not because she was nervous this time but because she was excited. They both had feelings. Dating was the logical Next Step.

  • Unsurprisingly, Marley’s answer was not an answer that Connor deemed appropriate explanation for her touching him. More surprisingly, apparently this is what constituted flirting in Marley’s twisted... more
    • Sure, we can poof off together, this class is dull anyways - Marley, Tue Oct 31 23:59
      • Trust me, my plans do not include you - Connor, Wed Nov 1 11:17
        As suddenly as Connor thought he had the situation under control, it spun so far out of the realm of his imagination that he didn’t have time to realize it before things got Very Bad. He hadn’t... more
        • Something's wrong!! (tag: Mister Aaron) - Marley, Wed Nov 1 16:42
          Connor didn't immediately agree that yes a date would be marvelous, great idea Marley, you're marvelous too , but he also didn't immediately say no never , so she supposed that his silent staring and ... more
          • Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling - Professor McKindy, Thu Nov 2 18:47
            Although Aaron had been wandering around the room at the start of class, answering questions, he had since let the students get on with their projects without his constant hovering. If they needed... more
            • You have no idea - Connor, Thu Nov 2 19:03
              Connor had barely had the opportunity to take a deep breath when he heard Marley outside the door. Why had she followed him? His eyes were wide as he looked around the bathroom contemplating the best ... more
              • I don't, either!! - Marley, Fri Nov 3 21:09
                The great thing about Mister Aaron was that he was not only super nice, but he was also a super good pay-attention-er. (Was there a real word for that? She didn’t think so, but even if there was,... more
                • At least we're all on the same page - Prof. McKindy, Sat Nov 4 11:03
                  Marley stepped back and let the door swing shut, so that was one fewer thing that Aaron had to do. She was still bouncing, clearly invested in the situation, but at the very least she was giving poor ... more
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