Something's wrong!! (tag: Mister Aaron)
Wed Nov 1, 2017 16:42

Connor didn't immediately agree that yes a date would be marvelous, great idea Marley, you're marvelous too, but he also didn't immediately say no never, so she supposed that his silent staring and breathing was a positive thing. (Well, breathing was positive no matter what. Duh.) She hadn't been expecting a negative, of course, because the only possible reason Connor would say no was if he thought that Purebloods shouldn't date Not Purebloods. Claudia had seemed to hold that opinion for a while, which had been really sad to find out, but fortunately her best friend was coming around to a more logical way of thinking. Or at least, she appeared to be a lot more comfortable now whenever Marley was telling her stories about her Muggle family, which she interpreted to mean that Claudia didn't have such a bad opinion of Muggles after all.

After what seemed like hours, Connor finally spoke. And it was definitely a positive! Beaming, Marley tried to brush it off with an "of course I asked, you don't have to thank me for that, but you're welcome anyways and thanks for thanking me, oops is that weird?". She was unfortunately prevented from expressing this by Connor saying how he had to go and then actually going. Like, really fast. It felt like he'd barely finished saying he was going and then he was already gone. Wow, no one had ever cut her off from talking that fast. It was bizarre.

She... kind of liked it? At least, she got a tickly feeling that either meant it had been an enjoyable change, or that she was just hungry. Hmm. When had she last eaten?

"Nope, stop," she chastized herself, shaking her head vigorously to get the point across, her mini-Afro bouncing. Connor had left, which meant she should probably follow him. That sounded right. Like, they'd totally been flirting before, and then he had said he appreciated her asking him on a date (which, now she thought about it, was surely Connor's way of flirting), and then he left... Ooh, did he mean for them to go on a date right now and he was just too shy to say it? That was so sweet! But kind of a bad idea, too. Marley wanted to go on a date, but skipping Mister Aaron's class for it seemed a bit much. She should at least go to bring him back and promise to date him later when class was done.

Getting up, accidentally scattering some of their beans on the floor, Marley left her empty chair to keep his empty chair company and then she also left. She spotted him down the hall and considered calling his name, but decided almost immediately that it would be too loud and echoey in the empty hallway, so instead just skipped faster to catch up.

...Or maybe, it suddenly occurred to her, maybe there was actually something Wrong with Connor and that was why he'd left. But, no. If something was Wrong, surely he would've told her already, or at least told Claudia who would've told her. Right?

Maybe not, because she turned the corner to see Connor run into the washroom. Now she hurried faster and even started twisting the door handle before realizing what all happened in bathrooms, blushing yet again, and letting the handle un-twist. That didn't stop her from banging on the door and surrounding wall a few times. "Connor? Connor, are you okay? Is something wrong? Should I go get the medic, or Mister Aaron, or Rose?" Pausing a moment, she heard no answer. Oh no oh no, what if something was Really Wrong?? "Connor? I'm gonna come in, okay? MISTER AARON! HELP!" she added in a loud shriek over her shoulder before shoving the door open.

  • Trust me, my plans do not include you - Connor, Wed Nov 1 11:17
    As suddenly as Connor thought he had the situation under control, it spun so far out of the realm of his imagination that he didnít have time to realize it before things got Very Bad. He hadnít... more
    • Something's wrong!! (tag: Mister Aaron) - Marley, Wed Nov 1 16:42
      • Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling - Professor McKindy, Thu Nov 2 18:47
        Although Aaron had been wandering around the room at the start of class, answering questions, he had since let the students get on with their projects without his constant hovering. If they needed... more
        • You have no idea - Connor, Thu Nov 2 19:03
          Connor had barely had the opportunity to take a deep breath when he heard Marley outside the door. Why had she followed him? His eyes were wide as he looked around the bathroom contemplating the best ... more
          • I don't, either!! - Marley, Fri Nov 3 21:09
            The great thing about Mister Aaron was that he was not only super nice, but he was also a super good pay-attention-er. (Was there a real word for that? She didnít think so, but even if there was,... more
            • At least we're all on the same page - Prof. McKindy, Sat Nov 4 11:03
              Marley stepped back and let the door swing shut, so that was one fewer thing that Aaron had to do. She was still bouncing, clearly invested in the situation, but at the very least she was giving poor ... more
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