You have no idea
Thu Nov 2, 2017 19:03

Connor had barely had the opportunity to take a deep breath when he heard Marley outside the door. Why had she followed him? His eyes were wide as he looked around the bathroom contemplating the best place to hide. What he wouldn’t give for an invisibility cloak right now. Or some sort of spell that would let him blend into the background. But he didn’t even have the opportunity to respond to Marley’s questions (no I’m fine just go away please leave me alone just leave) when Marley announced that she was going to come in. Connor turned white, then dark red. This was far above even Marley’s usual levels of indecency and he’d had absolutely enough of this and he was going to tell her so but when he opened his mouth to yell all that came out was a kind of mortified squeak.

Fortunately, when Marley had called for Professor McKindy, he had apparently showed up because Connor, cowering under a sink at this point, heard his voice beyond the door that was now open (oh Merlin why) and the voice was telling Marley to give him some privacy, thankfully. Connor felt relieved and very grateful to Professor McKindy right at that particular moment. Admittedly, Connor did not always approve of the professor but he was willing to put aside all of his qualms with McKindy’s lifestyle choices right at that particular moment because his Head of House was saving him from the terror that was Marley Chapman and that was what really counted.

“I don’t need any help,” Connor called out, his voice a little shaky. “I am fine. Please go away.”

It suddenly occurred to him that even though Marley wasn’t allowed in the boys’ bathroom, it was likely that Professor McKindy wasn’t allowed either. Or at least, he shouldn’t be allowed in the boys’ bathroom. Did that mean he used the girls’? Or was there a special bathroom for people like him? Connor didn’t know but he suddenly felt uncomfortable that it was McKindy that had appeared at Marley’s yell.

“Please go away,” he repeated, more firmly this time.

  • Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling - Professor McKindy, Thu Nov 2 18:47
    Although Aaron had been wandering around the room at the start of class, answering questions, he had since let the students get on with their projects without his constant hovering. If they needed... more
    • You have no idea - Connor, Thu Nov 2 19:03
      • I don't, either!! - Marley, Fri Nov 3 21:09
        The great thing about Mister Aaron was that he was not only super nice, but he was also a super good pay-attention-er. (Was there a real word for that? She didn’t think so, but even if there was,... more
        • At least we're all on the same page - Prof. McKindy, Sat Nov 4 11:03
          Marley stepped back and let the door swing shut, so that was one fewer thing that Aaron had to do. She was still bouncing, clearly invested in the situation, but at the very least she was giving poor ... more
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