Not for those of us less dance-y!
Tue Jan 24, 2017 00:37

At the girl's reassurance that she didn’t have a partner, Russell backtracked once again, only this time not literally as he instead stepped forward. “Oh. Okay. Sounds good.” His eye twitched several times in quick succession. That was inconvenient timing. Well, nystagmus was inconvenient even on the best of days, really. However, his glasses were tinged pretty dark on top to block out overhead lighting, so he assumed she hadn't noticed. For better or worse (usually worse), eye-twitching had made its way into the Hollywood culture as a trait of the classic villain and/or generally dishonest people typology; he’d had a few misinterpretations in the past as a result.

“Great. I’m stumped, too. Well, I mean, that’s not great great, but, erm, better to be stumped together than alone?” It came out sounding like more of a question than he had intended. Although even as he had thought about it and started talking, he had also begun questioning it, so the raised inflection at the end wasn’t really too surprising. It would’ve been nice to make it through one class without any... complications... but from the way the girl had looked at the instructions, Russell suspected that didn’t seem too likely to happen, now. “It’ll be interesting, at least. Like you said.” She knew that already. She said it. Duh.

Leading the way to an open spot at the lab bench, he set his potions kit down and swung the lid open. “First thing’s agrimony, yeah? I think I have some.” His tiny sample vials were organized alphabetically, and he took a quick peek at the single leaf inside before rummaging through the pile of loosely-bunched plants to find a larger quantity. Identifying a clump of leaves that seemed to match the closest, he pulled the whole bit out and put it on the table. He didn’t specifically ask the girl to confirm it was right, but he assumed she would point it out if it was wrong. Whether or not this assumption was correct remained to be seen.

“So, do you know anything about distillation? I took notes, but I’ve never done it before,” he admitted, scratching his head (and accidentally dislodging a chunk of hair from his bun in the process). “Oh, I’m Russell, by the way. I guess that’s important. Or maybe not. Probably not. But...” He forced himself to stop, shaking his head with a bit of a laugh, and gave her time to respond.

  • Marissa blinked her green eyes at the student, trying to place him. As one of the most social people at Rocky Mountain International, she tried her best to at least know everyone by name. Maybe a... more
    • Not for those of us less dance-y! - Russell , Tue Jan 24 00:37
      • Dance is just memorization! - Marissa, Sun Jan 29 11:38
        Was this guy just a nervous person, or had Marissa accidentally done something to make him nervous? He didn’t seem to know her by name, so she wanted to assume it was the first one. The Aquila knew... more
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