Professor Rob Hier
Kids say the darndest things [Potions, Yrs I - III]
Sun Dec 10, 2017 19:40

Wheeling into the Practical Lab, Lapis trotting dilligently at his side, Rob Hier realized that he had been slacking off with his younger students. His oldest ones had been working on their month-long journey of brewing Veritaserum, and that had occupied a lot of his time and attention. It wasn’t an easy potion to brew, and some of the students in the class had definitely struggled, but in the end they had all at least produced something. The final products were resting on the top shelf of the securely locked wooden cabinet that sat in one corner of the room. The use of Veritaserum without explicit permission from magical law enforcement was illegal, and Rob had no interest in breaking laws.

Well, he had no interest in getting caught breaking laws.

Anyway, the next lesson for his older students would be about testing the effects of a potion you couldn’t necessarily give to someone, which was an important lesson to learn that they hadn’t covered explicitly so far. Usually, when they needed to test the purity of a potion, Rob did it himself with a handy detecting gel that he could whip up with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back. It wasn’t a complicated substance to put together, they just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. And it was definitely going to be on the written portion of the seventh years’ exams. Probably not the practical, though, since it was so basic. But you really never knew when it came to the IWCE - there had definitely been some weird questions his seventh year. Rob had still done well, though.

It wasn’t just the upper years taking Rob’s attention off his younger students, though. Life at home was - well, chaotic at best. He and Celia had agreed to ask Marissa Kendrick to babysit once in awhile, and Julia and Steven both seemed to be settling in (albeit slowly), but there was just a certain inherent amount of havoc that their particular household would inevitably produce. Given Rob’s own penchant for wreaking havoc, one might have thought he would be a little bit more able to handle it, but that was not strictly the case. Thankfully, the Aquilas hadn’t been caught doing anything particularly terrible requiring his attention of late. On the other hand, that might just have been the calm before the storm.

Consequently, and Rob was ashamed to admit it, today he had spent a minimal amount of attention preparing a very basic class for his younger students. They would be brewing a Confusing Concoction, which some of them would remember brewing the year prior. It was probably a little bit beyond the first-years, anyway, so some of the students might find they had more success than they had the previous year, but it was very clearly a class he hadn’t put a whole lot of effort into. Rob had been giving them less homework lately, though, so maybe the students themselves didn’t have too much complaint about his lack of attention.

With a flick of his wand, the instructions and ingredients for the potion appeared on the board, and Rob waited for the class to show up. Once they more-or-less had, the man ran both hands rapidly through dark brown hair as though waking himself up, then started the lesson.

“All right, here we go,” he said. As usual, his speech was slightly slurred; a result of the stroke he’d had as a teenager. “Today we’re doing Confusing Concoctions. I know some of you did this last year, but think of this as a chance to get better. You learn more by teaching - or something like that.” Rob grinned at his class. “There’s a good chance this will be on your final exams - especially for the third years - so make sure you get it right! I also suggest,” he continued, raising his eyebrows and looking directly at Katherine Kendrick, dutifully seated about halfway to the back of the class, “that you do not attempt to lick, or otherwise consume, the ingredients. Fresh sneezewort is known for its bufuddling properties, and I imagine that it is difficult enough to complete the potion as it is.”

The professor clapped his hands together brightly. “Speaking of fresh sneezewort, I want you to use that instead of the dried stuff you have in your kits. Your potion will be more powerful, and you’ll find it has an effect on how quickly it brews. It’s in the cabinet,” Rob said, gesturing to the unlocked, slightly open cabinet at the back of the classroom. “So pair up, go get your ingredients, don’t splash your classmates, et cetera, et cetera.” He waved his hands in a shooing motion at the collected students, and they began to move and chatter until the classroom had reached the dull roar he was used to.

While they were doing that, Rob figured it was a good enough time to start returning their homework assignments from last week. It had been a brief essay on the importance of an individual instruction in the potion recipe of their choice, which Rob had mostly assigned because he was annoyed at some students for not paying enough attention to detail, resulting in minor explosions, singed eyebrows, and in one notable case, the room filling with dark purple smog. He was about halfway through that and had turned his wheelchair around to discuss a question that Huburt Park had about his grade (the kid always had a question about his grade, which made Rob increasingly likely to give him lower grades), when he noticed a patch of red hair out of the corner of his eye. Rob turned his head just in time to see Kit Kendrick open up the wooden cupboard in the corner of the classroom that held the upper years’ potions.

Uh oh.

Not bothering to excuse himself from the conversation with Huburt, Rob hurridly wheeled toward Kit, nearly running over two students in the process. But the room was too congested and the stools were too all over the place for the wheelchair-using wizard to move quickly, and as if in slow motion, he watched Kit’s hand flail blindly across the top shelf of the cabinet. She was standing on the inside shelf to even be able to get her hand to reach the top shelf, and it was too precarious to - yup.

It would have been more fitting for the vials of potions to come crashing down with a sound that paused the entire room, but in reality, the majority of students probably didn’t even notice what was going on. Swearing loudly enough that the students around him could hear Rob’s voice, the man wrenched his wheelchair through the maze of stools and children over to the broken glass where Kit stood, looking guilty. She started to apologize but Rob ignored her, using his wand to collect the broken glass.

One of the unfortunate properties of Veritaserum, though, was its tendency to evaporate quickly and as such, there was no liquid left for Rob to mop up. Even more unfortunately, Veritaserum spread pretty quickly - both in the human body and in fluid. And, as it happened, in the air. Well. With any luck (and Rob figured he was due some, at this point of the day) he had enough antidote in his office to stop things before they got too terrible. And that was the point at which Rob realized that he’d been saying absolutely everything that happened in his head out loud. To Kit. Who, luckily, didn’t look too upset. Which meant that on top of everything, someone in his upper year class had messed up their Veritaserum enough that it was compelling him to speak of his own accord, rather than just answering questions truthfully as it was supposed to.

“Don’t. Move.” Rob growled at Kit, spinning around and wheeling himself rapidly through the door of the lab. Yeah, that antidote was the first thing he needed. And the second thing he needed was probably some sort of restraining charm for one Katherine Kendrick.

Hello kiddos and kiddo-roos. We’re about to have a real fun Potions class!

Basically, the Veritaserum has spread quickly throughout the room and is making people not only tell the truth, but also say whatever comes into their heads when it happens thanks to some poor brewing. Rob will probably come back at some point with the antidote. Maybe. It’s Rob. Who knows?

Please follow all the rules and just as a particular reminder, tagging people other than the professor in classes is not permitted. Of course, since Rob is busy trying to stop this from going too far, he’s not going to be able to intervene in whatever happens, but try to prevent literal murder, ‘kay? Cool.

The two longest threads get double points.

Have fun!

    • Can I just go home? - Petra Stiglitz, Sat Dec 30 17:00
      Petra was not very good at practical things. It was one of her more common downfalls. Her mind was always active, always going at what felt like a mile a minute. She was talkative too, sometimes also ... more
      • Only if I get to leave too - Magdalena Adler, Wed Jan 3 14:19
        Once Alena realised they were repeating a potion they’d done last year her spirits fell. She hadn’t done it very well the first time and despite receiving a decent mark on the assignment she knew... more
        • They might notice if we both leave - Petra, Wed Jan 3 14:53
          Petra blearily looked over at her partner and tried wiping her eyes. She and Alena got paired together sometimes and the other girl was quite nice. At least, Petra thought most people were nice... more
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      Dade hadn’t spoken to Connor since he’d found out that his older brother had lied to Remington about him. He wasn’t sure Connor had noticed, but Dade had definitely been Not Talking To Him. It was... more
      • Drop the 'h' and you'll be fine - Hunter Ioma, Sat Dec 23 15:48
        Hunter ran. He had eaten as quickly as he could and then run out to the quidditch pitch to spend some time working on his speed. He was pretty good at intercepting passes and could dodge a bludger... more
        • You just get there quick, don't you? - Dade, Sat Dec 23 19:06
          What in Merlin’s name was wrong with Hunter? It wasn’t like this was the first time Dade had interacted with Hunter, because Hunter was in his year. The kid was like Kit, except actually more... more
          • As long as I'm quicker than you - Hunter, Sat Dec 23 19:57
            “I could stop you from jumping by using a body-bind curse, or I could see if I can freeze you like an icicle.” “Jump, jump, jump, spin! ” Exclaimed Hunter excitedly as he did a one-eighty to turn... more
    • I feel like I should just avoid talking - Connor Farnon, Sat Dec 16 14:22
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      • But since you already started... - Huburt Park, Fri Dec 29 00:28
        "Oh, you're leaving?" Huburt questioned as the other first-year scooted out of line. Well, it wasn't really a question because Anselm was obviously walking away and that meant his spot was up for... more
        • I suppose I ought to finish - Connor, Sat Dec 30 08:38
          Although there were better people for him to be seated next to, given the circumstances, Connor wasn’t too opposed to one of them being Huburt Park. Generally, he found the boy unduly smug and... more
          • Let me help with that - Huburt, Sun Dec 31 22:10
            Huburt listened with obvious interest as Connor began to explain. He was a bit skeptical of Connor, having witnessed a few classes where the older student had engaged in completely immature... more
            • I don't think that's helping - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:04
              “I wasn’t blunt,” Connor objected, finding it the easiest piece of what Huburt said to deal with. “Well maybe I was. No I wasn’t!” he didn’t understand why he was arguing with himself out loud in... more
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      • What we're all thinkin' - Corriander (Corri) Terrance, Tue Dec 19 23:50
        Corri normally sat in the middle of the class. He’d learn that the best place for mischief or just general tomfoolery was where the teacher would be paying the least amount of attention. Sitting in... more
      • Never mind that, what is she saying? - Drew Tennant, Tue Dec 19 23:02
        Today was not going to be stressful, Drew thought, because Kit hadn’t brought Darby to Potions. Darby was one of the coolest pets ever. Not as cool as Jessie’s dragons, which were hands-down the... more
    • Somebody Stop Me! - Remington Burnham, Wed Dec 13 13:50
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      • Is this how to stop? - Mikael Lundqvist, Thu Dec 28 20:58
        When the instruction to fetch fresh leaves for their Potions class today had been given, Anssi had quickly and obediantly gotten up from his seat. Some of the students seemed to be hanging back, like ... more
    • I loathe this class - Claudia Dubois, Mon Dec 11 15:21
      It seemed as though Professor Hier had let his teaching standards drop a little lately, which was a surprise, as Claudia hadn’t given much credit to his teaching standards in the first place, but... more
      • I concur - Darlene Knight, Tue Dec 12 22:25
        Darlene was not in a pleasant mood today. Admittedly, she was frequently in moods such as this, because RMI was a stupid American school far away from most of the people in the world who mattered... more
        • A common ground - Claudia, Sun Dec 17 15:40
          Before she’d even begun to contemplate why she had felt it appropriate to voice aloud her personal feelings about other students to somebody other than Connor, least of all to Darlene Knight - a... more
          • Those are convenient - Darlene, Fri Dec 29 09:15
            It was almost always in a lady’s best interest to do as she was told when the instructions were given by a worthy source. Claudia, in this case, definitely fit into that category. Darlene had an... more
            • Sure why not - Claudia, Sat Dec 30 18:05
              While it seemed to be a struggle for the younger girl, Darlene did heed Claudia’s advice and began to settle down, at least temporarily ceasing her panicked outbursts. She did allow another to escape ... more
              • Now that was a creative title. - Darlene, Wed Jan 3 16:11
                Darlene startled slightly at the bluntness with which Claudia spoke about Drew. A part of her was quite offended by this, but in her insulting Drew, Claudia was also complimenting her, and the larger ... more
                • Plenty more where that came from - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 07:50
                  Darlene was under the impression that girls could not date each other, apparently regardless of the circumstances. Claudia was loathe to disabuse her, but unfortunately the shrieked conversation of... more
    • Sometimes everything is just weird, you know? - Marley Chapman, Sun Dec 10 23:47
      Something had seemed wrong when Marley woke up this morning. Not, like, bad-wrong. Just weird-wrong. She’d expected that it might be one of those normal temporary morning weirdnesses, like when you... more
      • Bad-weird, or good-weird? - Teal Rosse, Tue Dec 12 23:17
        There had been, like a lot of drama lately. Teal fortunately wasn’t at the center of it, but she was lurking at the edges, waiting for her opportunity to pounce. There hadn’t been a chance. Connor... more
        • Both! At the same time! - Marley, Wed Dec 13 22:51
          “Yeah, peanut butter,” she interjected with a firm nod to emphasize even more that Teal had heard her properly. Her curly bush of an Afro nodded along with her. “Peanut butter is great, especially... more
          • Let's try to make it good! - Teal, Mon Dec 18 00:35
            The good news was that Marley thought that Teal was cool. The bad news was that Marley mentioned Connor, but the good news to that was Marley had finally realized that Connor was a big butthead.... more
            • Something really weird was obviously happening. Marley usually talked a lot. Like her gran said, there wasn’t a gate to slow down anything from moving between her brain and her mouth, or maybe even... more
              • Yes, we're getting much closer - Teal, Fri Dec 29 15:56
                Teal had been crossing her fingers under the table after her terrifying confession. Marley gawped at her, and Teal couldn't tell if it was in a good way or a shocked way or a scared way. There were... more
                • Yay! - Marley, Sat Dec 30 17:30
                  It ended up being totally fine that Marley's attention had scampered off very briefly for a bit of a walk, because now Teal was talking and she was talking loudly . And also standing up. And smashing ... more
    • I'm not normally such a talker - Dylan Xavier, Sun Dec 10 22:02
      Dylan thought potions might be his favorite class, now that they were well past reading about ingredients and actually brewing things. It was still insane, like most things involving wizards,... more
      • Well, whoops I guess... - Katherine Kendrick, Tue Dec 19 22:41
        As it turned out, Kit was having a bad day. It had all started when she had decided to work with Drew in Potions like usual. They were doing a new potion today that she’d never made before, and Kit... more
        • Whoops is right - Dylan, Wed Dec 20 09:49
          “Oh-no,” slipped out involuntarily as Skyler walked away, leaving him in the company of none other than Kit herself. Though, after all his inane and poorly worded blabbering, he wasn’t too surprised... more
          • Well at least I'm not wrong - Kit, Wed Dec 20 10:58
            Dylan was saying a lot of very confusing things that made Kit very confused, as confusing things often did. Was he trying to confuse her on purpose? But he seemed to think that Kit wasn’t very good... more
            • Good for you - Dylan, Fri Dec 29 16:10
              “Oh, sometimes you get Es,” Dylan repeated, with a hint of sarcasm, which he immediately felt bad about, but he kept talking in spite of his resolve to bite his tongue, “I sometimes get Os, and would ... more
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