Darlene Knight
I concur
Tue Dec 12, 2017 22:25

Darlene was not in a pleasant mood today. Admittedly, she was frequently in moods such as this, because RMI was a stupid American school far away from most of the people in the world who mattered like her mother and Emilia, and because her stupid American roommate woke her up again. Kit Kendrick’s constant bouncing and intentional morning disruptions had gotten so routine that Darlene no longer bothered to set an alarm for class. She considered herself an early riser, but Kit certainly had her beat. It was dreadful.

Just like Potions class. The small brunette was not fond of the professor. A part of her did feel a bit guilty for negatively thinking of someone with a disability, but it was instantly quieted pretty much every time he started talking to them. Professor Rob Hier was so casual and so relaxed, which was an entirely un-adult way to behave, as far as darlene was concerned. From what she could tell, the greatest sign of maturity was being in a constant state of reservation, strength, and unspoken stress.

Today, to her immediate and instinctive dismay, the two forces combined, as Kit managed to spill a bunch of… something, and then the only adult in the room just left! That made her quite frightened, because it meant that either this was very serious, or he was playing one of his stupid practical jokes on them, and that Kit was in on it. Kit Kendrick did not seem like a wise or reliable choice for an accomplice, though, which led Darlene to lean more toward the former suggestion. She was not sure which would be worse.

Taking a deep breath in the hopes of calming herself, Darlene decided that it would probably be best to just get to work. She noticed Claudia Dubois apparently without a partner as of yet as she crossed to gather up some ingredients, and the younger girl decided to meet her at her desk to investigate working together. Claudia seemed pretty smart, as far as Darlene could tell, but she was a good young girl in most other regards.

The things Claudia said, however, were not quite like that. Still, the negativity was placed mostly in Kit’s direction, and Darlene couldn’t stifle a laugh. “I assure you, I am nothing like her,” she promised. “Imagine living with her! It’s a nightmare! Oops!” Darlene caught herself. “I shouldn’t say that. I have to be nice to Kit, or else Drew won’t like me back.” Hearing herself speak, her eyes widened, and she gave a slight shriek. “Oh Merlin, did I just say that out loud? That isn’t something to say out loud! Where is Drew sitting? Is he close enough to hear me? I certainly hope not!”

OOC: Mentions of Kit's Kit-ness approved by her author.

  • I loathe this class - Claudia Dubois, Mon Dec 11 15:21
    It seemed as though Professor Hier had let his teaching standards drop a little lately, which was a surprise, as Claudia hadn’t given much credit to his teaching standards in the first place, but... more
    • I concur - Darlene Knight, Tue Dec 12 22:25
      • A common ground - Claudia, Sun Dec 17 15:40
        Before she’d even begun to contemplate why she had felt it appropriate to voice aloud her personal feelings about other students to somebody other than Connor, least of all to Darlene Knight - a... more
        • Those are convenient - Darlene, Fri Dec 29 09:15
          It was almost always in a lady’s best interest to do as she was told when the instructions were given by a worthy source. Claudia, in this case, definitely fit into that category. Darlene had an... more
          • Sure why not - Claudia, Sat Dec 30 18:05
            While it seemed to be a struggle for the younger girl, Darlene did heed Claudia’s advice and began to settle down, at least temporarily ceasing her panicked outbursts. She did allow another to escape ... more
            • Now that was a creative title. - Darlene, Wed Jan 3 16:11
              Darlene startled slightly at the bluntness with which Claudia spoke about Drew. A part of her was quite offended by this, but in her insulting Drew, Claudia was also complimenting her, and the larger ... more
              • Plenty more where that came from - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 07:50
                Darlene was under the impression that girls could not date each other, apparently regardless of the circumstances. Claudia was loathe to disabuse her, but unfortunately the shrieked conversation of... more
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