Teal Rosse
Bad-weird, or good-weird?
Tue Dec 12, 2017 23:17

There had been, like a lot of drama lately. Teal fortunately wasn’t at the center of it, but she was lurking at the edges, waiting for her opportunity to pounce. There hadn’t been a chance. Connor was dating Claudia and then Connor had also started dating Marley? Marley had been really happy after a long conversation with Connor and then Connor had run away, because Connor was the literal worst. And then Claudia and Marley had had a big fight but had made up (somehow) and then Connor and Claudia had a fight and made up too (somehow). It was unbelievable. Claudia must drink Felix Felicis for breakfast, Teal thought. Although Claudia still liked Connor, which meant there was something wrong with the Cetus’ head. Claudia was always nice to everyone, so why would she want to date someone who was a lying liar who caused fights??

Teal really didn’t understand other people sometimes.

Teal also didn’t understand herself. She felt the same way about Marley that she’d felt about Raja. That she felt about Raja? Could she have crushes on both of them? Was that even allowed? And, like, if she had a crush on Raja, that meant she was not gay. Whatever the opposite of gay was. Default? But then Teal was preeeeetty sure she had a crush on Marley. It had taken her a month to figure it out. And by “figure it out” Teal meant looking at the titles of every book in RMI’s library related to being gay (but not actually reading any or checking them out, because scared). Teal wasn’t sure what she was scared of, but if Marley didn’t like her back that was embarrassing, and if Teal was gay then she could only date other gay girls, and there were fewer of those than not-gay girls, and what if she was forever alone??

Teal didn’t want to write to her parents about this either. She didn’t think it would help (neither one of them was gay). She didn’t want to hear stories about her parents’ dating lives before they met each other, because gross. And she really didn’t want to come home to a house decked out in rainbow flags and Mom and Dad making a really big deal about it. Yes, she knew her parents would be supportive, but Teal didn’t want that attention right now. Sometimes Mom and Dad could be a little too involved.

It was starting to get warm again, but Teal couldn’t break out the shorts yet. She’d spent way too much time putting on purple eye shadow, so the rest of her outfit was a little boring. Teal had thrown on a red tank top with a purple flannel jacket over it, light skinny jeans, and her gray boots. She’d wanted to match the eye shadow with a different top but discovered at the last minute you could see her bra through the thinner material. The freckly-faced girl had thanked her roommate Annie for pointing it out, but she was mortified. It was a fantastic start to the day.

And THEN Marley volunteered to work with her in Potions! Which truly was fantastic!! The other girl got up to get the sneezewort, and Teal barely resisted the urge to rub her shoulder. Marley had tapped her on the shoulder, and Teal had started blushing. When Marley sat down again, Teal gave her a big smile. Marley probably needed some smiles after that fight with Claudia. The other girl seemed a little … off… today. Marley was usually super happy and bubbly, like Teal, but not right now. Had she gotten hurt playing Quidditch?

”Sorry, I guess I didn’t have enough to eat earlier. I’ve always loved peanut-butter, but maybe there’s such thing as ‘too much’” Marley said as her stomach rumbled. Teal had sat very still as Marley dragged her chair over, so as not to bump the other girl. Then she’d leaned down to get her notebook out.

“Peanut butter?” Teal said in confusion, trying to figure out what Marley was talking about. Was it to do with Myffi’s weird awful mean “all your food is evil” thing? Teal tried to sit up to reassure Marley, but she banged her head on the side of her own chair. “No! Ow!” It sounded like someone else had dropped something. Teal struggled to maintain her composure. Here she was, working with Marley, and acting like a complete dork.

“No! I didn’t want to be a klutz! I want you to think I’m cool!” Teal whined as she sat back up, tucking stray bits of hair back into her bun. That was an oddly obvious thing to say. What kind of loser admitted they wanted someone else to think they’re cool? Teal Bridget Rosse. Stay calm! The third-year did a double-take when she finally saw Marley’s face. “Oh my gosh, I love your lipstick! You look really, really nice,” Teal said sincerely. She gave Marley a warm smile, because Marley really did look amazing. “You really look amazing,” Teal continued.

Merlin’s beard! What was going on? Why was Teal saying everything out loud? “What’s going on? Why am I saying everything out loud?” Teal exclaimed. She gave Marley a frantic look as her traitor mouth just kept on talking. “It’s like I just can’t stop, and what if I say something I don’t want you to know? What if I say I--” and at that, Teal clapped her hands over her mouth and squawked angrily. Where was Rob? What was going on? Why had Teal almost confessed her love in the middle of Potions class?

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    • Bad-weird, or good-weird? - Teal Rosse, Tue Dec 12 23:17
      • Both! At the same time! - Marley, Wed Dec 13 22:51
        “Yeah, peanut butter,” she interjected with a firm nod to emphasize even more that Teal had heard her properly. Her curly bush of an Afro nodded along with her. “Peanut butter is great, especially... more
        • Let's try to make it good! - Teal, Mon Dec 18 00:35
          The good news was that Marley thought that Teal was cool. The bad news was that Marley mentioned Connor, but the good news to that was Marley had finally realized that Connor was a big butthead.... more
          • Something really weird was obviously happening. Marley usually talked a lot. Like her gran said, there wasn’t a gate to slow down anything from moving between her brain and her mouth, or maybe even... more
            • Yes, we're getting much closer - Teal, Fri Dec 29 15:56
              Teal had been crossing her fingers under the table after her terrifying confession. Marley gawped at her, and Teal couldn't tell if it was in a good way or a shocked way or a scared way. There were... more
              • Yay! - Marley, Sat Dec 30 17:30
                It ended up being totally fine that Marley's attention had scampered off very briefly for a bit of a walk, because now Teal was talking and she was talking loudly . And also standing up. And smashing ... more
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