You should probably save your embarrassment for yourself
Tue Jan 24, 2017 09:46

A voice broke through his concentration, and the voice said something incredibly misinformed. Connor looked up, brown eyes making contact with a girl he recognized from the Commonroom and his classes. He hadnít worked with her before, though, which was a decision that he was not yet regretting based on their interaction so far. Connor was fairly certain that her name was Momoka, and she always dressed up, but other than that didnít know much about her. Except that she was wrong.

ďAs youíll learn at the end of the year,Ē Connor said stiffly in response. ďA reversal potion is a subcategory of antidotes. Youíll notice that they, like other antidotes, often include mandrake leaves, which have strong properties that counteract negative effects of poisons and potions alike.Ē Proud that he hadnít hiccuped once during his short speech, Connor quickly made up for it by hiccuping four times in rapid succession. His ears turned pink under his brown hair and he fiddled with his spinner ring again. It wasnít his fault that this first year was so stuck up she thought she knew everything when she was clearly missing

At a guess, Connor was pretty sure that the solution to this problem did involve mandrake leaves. He knew that much. But he was still unfamiliar with the rest of the ingredients so he continued to look them up in his book, ignoring Momoka and hiccuping every so often. Knowing the properties of the ingredients that went into the Hiccuping Solution would help him figure out what things to use to counteract those properties. Connorís greatest concern was that he didnít have enough base knowledge off the top of his head about potions properties, and would be stuck leafing through the book in an attempt to find something that might work.

Hm. Apparently Flabberghasted Leeches were used because of the sounds that they made in nature, which apparently could stimulate sound results from the potion it was included in. That was promising. What was something that quieted sound? Not in real life, of course, or he would just throw some earplugs into the cauldron. Hm. What was he thinking of Ö.

  • I'm embarrassed for you. - Momoka Saito, Mon Jan 23 14:34
    Out of all her classes, Potions held a special place in Momokaís heart. Although she tried exceptionally hard to be the best in every subject she could get her hands on, Potions was the one area... more
    • You should probably save your embarrassment for yourself - Connor, Tue Jan 24 09:46
      • Momoka narrowed her eyes, heartbeat pulsing in her ears. This stupid boy was definitely not going to argue with her over semantics nor try to push his chronological superiority on her -- not like she ... more
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