A common ground
Sun Dec 17, 2017 15:40

Before she’d even begun to contemplate why she had felt it appropriate to voice aloud her personal feelings about other students to somebody other than Connor, least of all to Darlene Knight - a person unfamiliar bar her apparent appearance as a respectable young witch and the brief moments during which they had inevitably interacted in class since September, but also Kit Kendrick’s roommate - Claudia was surprised that her partner merely laughed at her outburst. Whilst usually it would grieve Claudia to be laughed at, on this singular occasion it was perhaps the best outcome she could have dared to hope for. With relief, the third year discovered that her first year counterpart was not leaping to the defense of her roommate, but instead joining in Claudia’s lament. That wasn’t necessarily a way to recommend oneself to an almost-stranger, but considering she had begun the slight, Claudia elected to permit Darlene to continue it with no judgement.

Immediately afterwards, however, Darlene expressed an obligation to be nice to Kit to retain - or obtain, she couldn’t be sure - the good opinion of Drew (Tennant, presumably; Claudia didn’t think there was another). The more interesting reaction, however, was that Darlene seemed to be in a similar state of wondering why she had said things aloud. “We both seem to be suffering from an inability to keep our thoughts to ourselves,” she noted, and then realized she had said that out loud, too. Meanwhile, Darlene was becoming unnecessarily agitated by the possibility that Drew might have overheard her speaking about him.

“Calm down,” Claudia instructed, as patiently as she could. “If you are hoping to remain in a person’s good graces it’s always best to avoid hysteria,” she sagely administered advice she wished she could have applied to herself during her recent personal discussions with both Connor and Marley, while she looked around for the subject of Darlene’s distress. “Yes, he is sitting nearby,” she spoke in a low voice, “and there is a possibility he might have heard you, so,” she added quickly before Darlene had the opportunity to fuss again, “settle down.”

She didn’t know why it was so important to Darlene that Drew like her, but not know that she wanted that. “I don’t know why it’s important to you for Drew to like you,” she said, “or why he shouldn’t know that.” She inwardly rolled her eyes. “This compulsion to utter every thought that passes through my mind is insufferable,” she commented with an air of frustration. “I am beginning to suspect there might be a vapor in here that is affecting my usual behaviour.”

  • I concur - Darlene Knight, Tue Dec 12 22:25
    Darlene was not in a pleasant mood today. Admittedly, she was frequently in moods such as this, because RMI was a stupid American school far away from most of the people in the world who mattered... more
    • A common ground - Claudia, Sun Dec 17 15:40
      • Those are convenient - Darlene, Fri Dec 29 09:15
        It was almost always in a lady’s best interest to do as she was told when the instructions were given by a worthy source. Claudia, in this case, definitely fit into that category. Darlene had an... more
        • Sure why not - Claudia, Sat Dec 30 18:05
          While it seemed to be a struggle for the younger girl, Darlene did heed Claudia’s advice and began to settle down, at least temporarily ceasing her panicked outbursts. She did allow another to escape ... more
          • Now that was a creative title. - Darlene, Wed Jan 3 16:11
            Darlene startled slightly at the bluntness with which Claudia spoke about Drew. A part of her was quite offended by this, but in her insulting Drew, Claudia was also complimenting her, and the larger ... more
            • Plenty more where that came from - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 07:50
              Darlene was under the impression that girls could not date each other, apparently regardless of the circumstances. Claudia was loathe to disabuse her, but unfortunately the shrieked conversation of... more
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