Let's try to make it good!
Mon Dec 18, 2017 00:35

The good news was that Marley thought that Teal was cool. The bad news was that Marley mentioned Connor, but the good news to that was Marley had finally realized that Connor was a big butthead. Which meant Marley probably didn’t like Connor anymore, which meant maybe she would like Teal! And Marley said a whole bunch of nice things to Teal, and she couldn’t stop smiling under her face-smushed-upon hands. She couldn’t SAY! She didn’t want to mess up their friendship. But she also really really wanted Marley to know, and Teal felt like she wouldn’t be able to not tell her friend. Marley said Teal was cool!

”It’s always the patriarchy, anyways. But I really wanted something colourful today because I thought it would make me feel better since I’m on my hockey murder week.” Marley said, looking apologetic. Hockey murder week?

“What?” Teal said, dropping her hands momentarily. Marley would never murder anyone, and what was hockey anyway?

”Oops, I guess you won’t understand that. But I don’t wanna say it either. But I’m on my period for the first time and I know it’s supposed to be normal or whatever but it’s actually gross and uncomfy. Gosh, why did I say that? Don’t be grossed out, please! Oh no I can’t even laugh at it. This is awkward. Quick, Teal, say something! Talking will make it less awkward, right? I hope so! And maybe then you’ll tell me the secret! Oops no, that was supposed to be just in my head, too.” Marley apparently was struck by the same compulsion to talk as Teal. And oh, poor Marley!

“Oh no! I don’t think it’s awkward,” Teal said truthfully, trying to stop her brain from catching up to maybe you’ll tell me the secret. “I mean like it’s awkward, cos periods are awkward and gross and smelly, but we all get them? But that’s not awkward to tell me!” Was that really all Marley was worried about?

“I would never think you’re awkward, Marley. I think you’re great. I--” Teal bit her lip, folding her hands in her lap to stop herself from being too obvious. But it was too late. She had started, and now she couldn’t help herself.

“I can’t help myself! I wasn’t sure how to tell you or if I should tell you, but now I just am, I can’t stop!” Teal sucked in a breath as her stupid, stupid mouth kept going. “And maybe it’s a good thing because you’ll like me back? Instead of Connor? Cos, like, the secret is--” Teal reached out a hand towards Marley’s hands but snatched it back.

“The secret is Ireallylikeyou and I’m glad you don’t want to date Connor anymore because I wannadateyouinstead!” Teal’s freckly face turned bright red, all the way up to the tips of her ears, and she gave Marley a sort of pleading look, her heart beating fast.

Hopefully her friend wouldn’t think this was awkward. The worst that could happen was Marley not wanting to be friends anymore. Teal didn’t know what would happen. She’d wouldn’t have told the other girl, normally, unless she thought there was a really, really good chance Marley felt the same way. The best that could happen was Marley wanting to date Teal. Maybe today would be Teal’s lucky day. But Teal didn’t think “potion accident forces you to confess feelings” was a good start.

  • Both! At the same time! - Marley, Wed Dec 13 22:51
    “Yeah, peanut butter,” she interjected with a firm nod to emphasize even more that Teal had heard her properly. Her curly bush of an Afro nodded along with her. “Peanut butter is great, especially... more
    • Let's try to make it good! - Teal, Mon Dec 18 00:35
      • Something really weird was obviously happening. Marley usually talked a lot. Like her gran said, there wasn’t a gate to slow down anything from moving between her brain and her mouth, or maybe even... more
        • Yes, we're getting much closer - Teal, Fri Dec 29 15:56
          Teal had been crossing her fingers under the table after her terrifying confession. Marley gawped at her, and Teal couldn't tell if it was in a good way or a shocked way or a scared way. There were... more
          • Yay! - Marley, Sat Dec 30 17:30
            It ended up being totally fine that Marley's attention had scampered off very briefly for a bit of a walk, because now Teal was talking and she was talking loudly . And also standing up. And smashing ... more
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