Katherine Kendrick
Well, whoops I guess...
Tue Dec 19, 2017 22:41

As it turned out, Kit was having a bad day.

It had all started when she had decided to work with Drew in Potions like usual. They were doing a new potion today that she’d never made before, and Kit had determined that the best way to figure out what a potion was going to do (aside from look at the name, wizards were very apt with their naming) was to lick the ingredients. She never, not once, swallowed any of the ingredients because that would be exceptionally unsafe and Kit did not want to be unsafe. That was why she always left Darby in his tank when she went to Potions. Well, usually anyway. Sometimes Darby just really wanted to come along and he was so cute with his furry little pincers and how could Kit even think of saying no to all eight adorable beady eyes? That was four times the number of eyes that cats had, and look at all the stuff that cats got away with!

(Remington had a cat now and it was the best, even if Dade was being a total weirdo since midterm and they weren’t all hanging out as much anymore)

But anyway Kit had left Darby in his tank because she was being very responsible today and she was going to work with Drew in Potions because that’s what she did and when Professor Rob said not to lick things it looked like he was looking right at her and she giggled a little, pulling on the end of one of the two pigtail braids she had put her curly red hair into that morning. Pigtail braids were like, the one thing that Kit knew how to do with her hair. Kit had noticed that other students tended to not lick things in Potions class, but she was pretty good at Potions. Or maybe Drew was pretty good at Potions. One of those two things was true. Maybe both of those things were true! Kit supposed they would never know as long as they worked together.

So when Professor Rob had told them to go get the fresh ingredients that they were specifically not to lick, everyone went and lined up in a big group by the cabinet in the back. But Kit was smarter than that. She knew that a lot of the time, the cabinets in the practical lab had the exact same thing in both of them, and there was one up by the front of the classroom that nobody was in front of. So there the first-year skipped, humming a little bit to herself. The cabinet seemed like it was a little sticky when Kit first tugged on it, but a little more enthusiastic tugging got it open and Kit peered inside. Nothing that looked like a fresh potion ingredient that she could see, but maybe there were some on the top shelf? Kit stood on her tippy-toes and felt around with her hand. There was some stuff up there but it wasn’t potions ingredients and then all of a sudden there were vials crashing all around her.

Whoops. Kit looked a little sheepish and looked around but all of a sudden Professor Rob was there and he seemed kinda mad and he told Kit not to move and then he left. And Kit stood there for a minute but when she realized that Professor Rob wasn’t coming back immediately she decided that he hadn’t possibly meant for her to stand there for ages and ages, and probably just meant for her to be careful of broken glass, so she careful tiptoed around the glass shards (she crunched on a few of them but very lightly) and then she looked around and realized that Drew had ended up with another partner, and then she looked around and realized that Dade had ended up with another partner, and then she looked around and realized that Remington had another partner and so did Marley and that was why her normally chipper expression faded a little bit. So she had made a mess and made Professor Rob mad and also none of her friends wanted to work with her.

Kit looked at her red Converse and kicked the ground a little bit, feeling particularly self-conscious. Was everybody mad at her? She looked around again and saw that everyone was all paired up and she felt worse. Instead of going to one of her friends, Kit kind of sidled along until she accidentally ran sideways into one of the older girls, Skylar Kimmel. Skyler’s hair was a lot like Marley’s, and she talked with an accent that Kit liked a lot and sometimes tried to imitate to Drew. Skyler wasn’t always super nice though and it looked like it was one of those moments when the two girls looked at each other. Skyler looked back at the person she’d been talking to - Dylan, his name was Dylan, he was in Kit’s year - and then looked at Kit again.

“Like I said, I don’t work with first-years,” Skyler said to Dylan as she turned and walked away. “Good luck with her, though.”

“Are you mad at me?” Kit looked very abashed as she turned to Dylan. “I know I broke the stuff in the cabinet but it didn’t make a very loud crash but now nobody wants to work with me and Professor Rob left and wow do you think that’s safe? I mean we could do all sorts of things with the potions ingredients and he wouldn’t even know like geez did you know if you lick billywig stings enough you kinda float a little? It can take a little while to get you down so I don’t know if I recommend it but it was kinda fun the first time. I usually work with Drew but I guess we could work together instead and I promise not to break anything, pinky-swear!” the redhead held out her right hand to Dylan, pinky extended.

  • I'm not normally such a talker - Dylan Xavier, Sun Dec 10 22:02
    Dylan thought potions might be his favorite class, now that they were well past reading about ingredients and actually brewing things. It was still insane, like most things involving wizards,... more
    • Well, whoops I guess... - Katherine Kendrick, Tue Dec 19 22:41
      • Whoops is right - Dylan, Wed Dec 20 09:49
        “Oh-no,” slipped out involuntarily as Skyler walked away, leaving him in the company of none other than Kit herself. Though, after all his inane and poorly worded blabbering, he wasn’t too surprised... more
        • Well at least I'm not wrong - Kit, Wed Dec 20 10:58
          Dylan was saying a lot of very confusing things that made Kit very confused, as confusing things often did. Was he trying to confuse her on purpose? But he seemed to think that Kit wasn’t very good... more
          • Good for you - Dylan, Fri Dec 29 16:10
            “Oh, sometimes you get Es,” Dylan repeated, with a hint of sarcasm, which he immediately felt bad about, but he kept talking in spite of his resolve to bite his tongue, “I sometimes get Os, and would ... more
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