Drew Tennant
Never mind that, what is she saying?
Tue Dec 19, 2017 23:02

Today was not going to be stressful, Drew thought, because Kit hadn’t brought Darby to Potions. Darby was one of the coolest pets ever. Not as cool as Jessie’s dragons, which were hands-down the coolest, but the dragons weren’t really pets because they didn’t actually belong to Jessie, the way that Caliban belonged to Dad or Jennyanydots belonged to Madeleine. They just lived on the dragon reservation where Jessie took care of them. Drew was also pretty sure that sometimes Jessie took them ones home with her if they needed more socializing or whatever. He wasn’t entirely sure that that was the kind of thing that all dragon keepers did, but it was the kind of thing Jessie did. Anyway Darby was the coolest but he freaked people out, and Drew was always a little concerned when Kit brought him to class that there would be River City capital-T Trouble. It might be Kit who got in trouble, but it might also be Drew, because a lot of the time when Kit got in trouble, Drew was there too. And Drew really didn’t want to get into the kind of trouble where either his Head of House or the counselor had to talk to him about it.

Like almost always, Drew partnered with Kit for Potions class. When Rob finished explaining what they were doing, Kit volunteered to get the sneezewort, and before Drew had time to say anything she had just… vanished. Like Disapparating. Kit was kinda like the Tasmanian Devil from the cartoon when they were in the potions classroom, but there wasn’t anything he could do to stop her now. Drew filled their cauldron and put it on the fire, and then got his potions kit out for the rest of the equipment. He had just taken out the mortar and pestle when he heard the sound of glass breaking near one of the cabinets. Drew didn’t have to look to be pretty sure who’d caused that.

Hearing someone say his name piqued Drew’s interest, although he didn’t get the full sentence. He twisted in his seat to see who was talking. Not that he needed to; he was pretty sure Darlene was the only girl with a British accent in this class. She was sitting at a table with Marissa’s boyfriend’s sister, Claudia Dubois, that was catty-corner to Drew and Kit’s station. “Oh Merlin, did I just say that out loud? That isn’t something to say out loud! Where is Drew sitting? Is he close enough to hear me? I certainly hope not!

Drew wasn’t sure what to do about that. He wanted to go over and find out what she was talking about, but that would be rude. She was talking about him, though, so Drew thought that he did kind of have a right to know. He didn’t get a chance to decide whether or not to approach Darlene and Claudia because the guy at one of the tables adjacent to him said something. Drew moved a little closer to hear what he was saying, but it turned out he wasn’t talking to Drew. Except then he did talk to Drew, or he asked him a question at least?

“Yeah, you did, but I don’t really care about that,” Drew said. He was working with Kit, even if she hadn’t gotten back from breaking things on the other side of the room yet. Their cauldron was already getting hot and everything. Where did she go? He looked at the students who were all gathered around the ingredient cabinet, but he couldn’t see Kit’s bright red hair or her yellow shirt.

Wait, had he just told the other first-year he didn’t care about what he’d said? “Wait, that was rude. But I don’t know you,” he justified to himself, only it wasn’t to himself. It was out loud. “I mean, I know you’re another first year, but I don’t know you-know you, you know?” Why was he still talking? “Sorry, anyway, I don’t want to talk about that. Did you hear what Darlene just said? She’s the one with the cute pigtails.” Drew gestured toward Darlene with a nod. “She totally said my name but I didn’t hear what she said, and then she acted like she didn’t want me to hear what she’d said so now I really want to know.”

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    • Never mind that, what is she saying? - Drew Tennant, Tue Dec 19 23:02
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