Corriander (Corri) Terrance
What we're all thinkin'
Tue Dec 19, 2017 23:50

Corri normally sat in the middle of the class. He’d learn that the best place for mischief or just general tomfoolery was where the teacher would be paying the least amount of attention. Sitting in the front meant that you were seen all the time, and sitting in the back meant that you were watched all the time. The middle was where those people who normally stay under the radar go, it’s how he got away with so many small pranks in his classes over the years.

He sat doodling on some papers as Professor Hier talked about Confusion potions, quickly writing down the ingredients but looking a bit bored. It wasn’t that he disliked potions class, actually, it was one of his favourites, but he found the talk before getting to do things a bit boring. He wanted to get his hands dirty and put weird ingredients into a cauldron and make something he can use for totally legitimate and non-destructive purposes. The minute Professor Hier said the students could gather their ingredients, Corri shot out of his seat like a rocket, and was walking back to his seat when he heard the sound of glass shattering and the Professor swear. He looked over his shoulder to see a sheepish-looking red-haired girl standing in the middle, and Professor Hier clearing up the glass with magic, after almost wheeling over a few students. Corri snorted, thinking ‘Well that just made my day’.

Corri strode back to his seat before realizing that he expressed this thought out loud. He shrugged, “Eh, no harm in sayin’ the truth. Hope she’s okay.” He didn’t mean to say that out loud either, but he figured that as long as he doesn’t say anything terrible he’ll be fine. He also decided that for his own sake he should just stop thinking. “Shouldn’t be too hard, Jon says I barely do that anyway.” Just then, a boy behind him said “Another class, working alone,” followed by a very surprised “Did I just say that out loud?” and the sound of him clapping his hand over his mouth. Corri didn’t have a partner yet, so he shuffled himself over to the nervous-looking boy, giving him a smile. “Well maybe it’s another class, but you’re not working alone anymore!” Corri cursed himself for not being smoother, which he knew the thin boy heard, but he supposed that added comedic effect, so he wasn’t worried. “The name’s Corriander, though everyone calls me Corri.” Corri held out his hand to brown-haired boy, a bit of a goofy-looking grin on his face.

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