Whoops is right
Wed Dec 20, 2017 09:49

“Oh-no,” slipped out involuntarily as Skyler walked away, leaving him in the company of none other than Kit herself.

Though, after all his inane and poorly worded blabbering, he wasn’t too surprised that Skyler had turned down his request to help him earn an O. “I wouldn’t want to partner me either after that,” he thought/said. He grimaced. “This inability to keep my thoughts in my head is really starting to get annoying. Is this what life is like for you all the time?” he asked Kit, then his eyes widened in horror at his own rudeness. “That was not a polite thing to say! I’m sorry!”

A quick look around the room showed Kit was right; most everyone else was already partnered up already. “There goes my average,” Dylan sighed, unfortunately aloud again. “What is wrong with me?” he questioned, “I’m a much nicer person than this, really. I’m so sorry, Kit.”

He regarded her outstretched pinkie doubtfully, then sighed in resignation and hooked his own with hers. “I’m not mad, but I am a bit worried about safety. I hope Professor Rob comes back soon. I guess we should get started anyway though, or we might not finish before the end of the period.” He normally would have stopped talking there, because his mama taught him manners, but for some unknown reason, his tongue had other ideas, “I’ll just have to watch you like a hawk so you don’t lick anything or spill anything or drop in the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

His eyes widened again, but it was all true and wasn’t really willing to take any of that back. “Rob’s not here to stop any disasters. I wonder if I’ll get extra credit if we don’t blow anything up? I’ll have to ask Drew later if he does.”

“Just let me stop talking again, please?”

  • Well, whoops I guess... - Katherine Kendrick, Tue Dec 19 22:41
    As it turned out, Kit was having a bad day. It had all started when she had decided to work with Drew in Potions like usual. They were doing a new potion today that she’d never made before, and Kit... more
    • Whoops is right - Dylan, Wed Dec 20 09:49
      • Well at least I'm not wrong - Kit, Wed Dec 20 10:58
        Dylan was saying a lot of very confusing things that made Kit very confused, as confusing things often did. Was he trying to confuse her on purpose? But he seemed to think that Kit wasn’t very good... more
        • Good for you - Dylan, Fri Dec 29 16:10
          “Oh, sometimes you get Es,” Dylan repeated, with a hint of sarcasm, which he immediately felt bad about, but he kept talking in spite of his resolve to bite his tongue, “I sometimes get Os, and would ... more
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