Well at least I'm not wrong
Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:58

Dylan was saying a lot of very confusing things that made Kit very confused, as confusing things often did. Was he trying to confuse her on purpose? But he seemed to think that Kit wasn’t very good at potions, which was a dreadful lie because Kit knew she was very good at Potions. Sometimes her and Drew even got an E on their assignments. Mostly that was when Drew did the bulk of the work though. So maybe Drew was good at Potions and Kit was good at helping. Yes, she was good at helping.

“Actually I’m very good at Potions,” were the words that Kit was saying out loud, much to her surprise. “Drew and I even get Es sometimes.” Wait, that was exactly what she was thinking! How weird - normally she wouldn’t brag about grades like that because that made people feel bad and Kit didn’t like making people feel bad. “Sorry I don’t mean to brag about grades, I don’t want you to feel bad.” Wow she was saying the thing she was thinking again, that was strange. Kit wondered if she should care for a moment, then shrugged. She would just focus on thinking nice things about Dylan, like how he wanted to make sure their potion went great. “I’ll just think nice things about you,” she informed him. “I want our potion to be great too!”

Then Kit realized that after all that trouble, she hadn’t even managed to get the ingredient Professor Rob had told them to get. Whoops.

“I didn’t get the ingredient I’m not supposed to lick. I forget what it’s called. Did you get it?” Kit hoped he had, she didn’t want to have to go all the way back to the cabinet and look, because she might break something else. “I don’t want to break something else,” she admitted sheepishly. “It was an accident, sometimes I don’t see where I’m going and the shelf was very tall, I couldn’t see.” Kit was about average sized for her age when it came to height, and even standing on her tip-toes she couldn’t see things a lot of the time.

“But Professor Rob doesn’t really give out extra credit, he’s kind of a meanie.” Kit knew Professor Rob a little bit from before she came to RMI because sometimes she didn’t stay in Grandpa Garen and Grandpa Aaron’s apartment like she was supposed to and wandered around instead, and she had come across Professor Rob once or twice and he had herded her back to her grandpas. His dog had helped. “He sometimes used to catch me outside of my grandpas’ apartment and make me go back because I wasn’t supposed to be wandering around before I was a student.” Kit nodded. “But anyway do you want to do our potion? I’m really good at stirring, especially.” Stirring was something that Kit did very enthusiastically, sometimes to the detriment of the potion. She had only blown something up once though and it was at the very beginning of the year so it didn’t count.

  • Whoops is right - Dylan, Wed Dec 20 09:49
    “Oh-no,” slipped out involuntarily as Skyler walked away, leaving him in the company of none other than Kit herself. Though, after all his inane and poorly worded blabbering, he wasn’t too surprised... more
    • Well at least I'm not wrong - Kit, Wed Dec 20 10:58
      • Good for you - Dylan, Fri Dec 29 16:10
        “Oh, sometimes you get Es,” Dylan repeated, with a hint of sarcasm, which he immediately felt bad about, but he kept talking in spite of his resolve to bite his tongue, “I sometimes get Os, and would ... more
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