Hunter Ioma
Drop the 'h' and you'll be fine
Sat Dec 23, 2017 15:48

Hunter ran.

He had eaten as quickly as he could and then run out to the quidditch pitch to spend some time working on his speed. He was pretty good at intercepting passes and could dodge a bludger like nobody’s business, but he wasn’t completely happy with his capacity to break away and just zoom down the field. Part of that was that his broom itself focused more on agility than raw speed, but he was pretty sure he could eke out a bit more if he spent some time working on it. So he did.

But he had forgotten that he had potions class, and remembered as he zoomed down the field in what he thought was probably going to be a personal best time. He’d have to go for that later though, he definitely didn’t want to be late for potions. So he drove straight for the entrance to the school and landed just outside it already running. He had to get back to his room to drop his broom off and grab his bag, then get to potions class.

Potions was still his weakest subject, but since Remy had been helping him he’d been getting better. The help she gave him basically amounted to helping him to actually follow the instructions and not be a crazy person, both of which were concepts Hunter was still trying to wrap his brain around. From his own investigation into the “missing ingredient” of how to potions, he was beginning to suspect that different ingredients reacted together in ways that you could know or figure out, which didn’t seem like something he’d ever be all that good at. Which was ok, as long as his potions stopped exploding all the time he’d be happy, and Remy’s approach of following instructions seemed to be helping with that.

Panting and out of breath, Hunter ran down the hall towards the potions classroom hoping he wasn’t too terribly late. He bolted into the room and set his bag down at the first open seat he came to, which turned out not to be hard to find at all. There was almost no one in the classroom yet, and looking back at the door he could see people trickling in. He was early.

Hunter was never early. This was strange. He didn’t know what to do.

But there was a list of ingredients and instructions on the board, and remembering some of Remy’s advice he started pulling the ingredients out of his potions kit and laying them out in the order he’d want them. Once that was done he surveyed the ingredients before him. Yeah, this was probably a super useful trick.

After a bit Rob started telling them about what they’d be doing. Hunter didn’t remember doing Confusing Concoctions last year, but his probably hadn’t been very good so he was glad for the opportunity to do better. He’d have to be careful though, he didn’t want to accidentally confuse himself with his own potion while he was making it. That would just be embarrassing. And confusing.

When Rob mentioned they’d need fresh sneezewort instead of what was in their kits he pouted for just a moment that his carefully pre-lain ingredients were not exactly what he needed. That was ok though. He put his dried sneezewort back in his kit and ran over to the cabinet to get some.

It was the wrong cabinet. It was closed and didn’t have anything in it he remotely recognized anyway, and everyone else was collecting at a different one. That was ok, he went and joined the crowd.

It took a little while, but that was ok. Running around all over the classroom probably counted as the kind of crazy thing he should probably do less of in potions class, anyway. He jumped up and down a bit to get a look at the cabinet, and it seemed like the right one. People were taking stuff out of it and walking away, anyway.

Hunter heard a crash and looked around. Kit was surrounded by a bunch of broken vials. Kit was a beater so probably the vials had decided to test her skills and her super-beater instincts must have taken over. Luckily it looked like the vials had been empty, so their doomed kamikaze mission at least hadn't ruined any potion.

“Why can’t anyone just get their stupid ingredients and move on quickly? It’s not like it’s hard, you just pick a couple of stupid leaves and go.”

“Maybe some of the leaves are better than the other ones and people want to get the best leaves possible? That would make sense, I’d certainly want to get the best leaves I could because I’m trying to do better at potions.”

While he was talking, Hunter turned to see who had spoken. “Oh, hi Dade! I am very confused by you a lot of the time, but you’re friends with Remy and she’s pretty cool. She’s been helping me with potions and I haven’t accidentally blown anything up for a while now, so I’m pretty optimistic.” Hunter glanced back at the cabinet, suddenly nervous. “I hope there are still some good leaves by the time we get there. Although I think probably none of them will make anything explode so it’s probably not that big a deal.”

“I wonder if we’re close enough yet to see the individual leaves?” Hunter wondered aloud. He started jumping up and down again to see over the people still in front of him, muttering “Jump, jump, jump” as he did.

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    • Drop the 'h' and you'll be fine - Hunter Ioma, Sat Dec 23 15:48
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          “I could stop you from jumping by using a body-bind curse, or I could see if I can freeze you like an icicle.” “Jump, jump, jump, spin! ” Exclaimed Hunter excitedly as he did a one-eighty to turn... more
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