At this point, both of us should be embarrassed
Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:43

Momoka narrowed her eyes, heartbeat pulsing in her ears. This stupid boy was definitely not going to argue with her over semantics nor try to push his chronological superiority on her -- not like she wouldn’t have done the exact same. She looked him up and down. Momoka recognized him faintly -- he was in Cetus too, that she was sure of, but his name escaped her. Cosmo? Colin? Connor? Whatever.

So maybe she wasn’t absolutely 100 percent correct. Didn’t stop him from being absolutely wrong, either. After Cosmo-Colin-Connor’s endlessly long spiel was over, she straightened herself with a small huff/hiccup. She stared hard at his lowered head, quickly picking up on the fact that he was trying to ignore her presence completely. Momoka wasn’t about to get a low grade because of somebody else’s incompetence, or his stupid little hurt feelings.

“Professor Hier said we had to work in groups, and I don’t think trying to ignore me is going to help with anything.” she said ruefully, swallowing her pride like wormwood. She hiccuped, and turned bright pink. “It’s not like we can make two separate potions, and I’m definitely not failing because of you.” she said, struggling to scratch up any of her dignity that was left.

Following the path of his slightly too large, clear hazel eyes, she focused on the entry for mandrake leaves. A tiny furrow appeared between her eyebrows. Wasn’t that the first ingredient - other than water -- listed for the godforsaken Hiccuping Solution? Momoka quickly flipped through her notes, and gently touched the listed ingredient with a manicured nail, a smirk of victory playing on her pink lips.

“If the Hiccuping Solution included mandrake leaves, there’s no way it can have it in the reversal potion -- I mean, antidote. Mandrake can’t counter mandrake.” she said, restraining her sarcasm to the slightly sing-song mandrake fact. “Du-u-uh-hic.” Momoka said, hiccup ruining any sort of condescension she was attempting to have.

She flipped through her text book. Momoka was sure it had to do something with the Croakoa pods -- she remembered reading the '70% Croakoa' on the occasional Chocolate Frog box. If the frogs croaked because of the Croakoa, it wouldn't be such a large leap towards hiccuping.

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    • At this point, both of us should be embarrassed - Momoka, Tue Jan 24 12:43
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